Socialchains.Io Offering A New Kind Of Social Media That Is Transparent, Secure, Fun, And Profitable

Socialchains.Io Offering A New Kind Of Social Media That Is Transparent, Secure, Fun, And Profitable
Most social media platforms today make their money through users’ data and activities, without giving back anything. is disrupting the industry by offering a transparent social media platform that pays users

Social media today has become dangerous for users. Organizations are hunting for users’ data for marketing purposes and to influence political views, while scammers and con artists are having a field day pretending to be who they’re not. It’s time for change! is a new kind of social media, offering safety and total privacy for users. Every member is entitled to their personal data and they can control it as much as they desire.

No more scrapping data from user’s activities for manipulation with data science, which puts social media users and everyone in danger. Also, users who sign up on the platform are safe to share their life and activities with friends and family, in exchange for sharing in the profits.

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Years ago when the idea of social media was first established, it was intended to connect people, allow users to share their lives, and establish an environment for creative and progressive interaction. However, those days are long gone as social media is now being used for all sorts of purposes that are just beyond initial expectations – many of them in a negative manner.

For so long, people have been looking for an alternate social media platform where they can truly express themselves without the fear of being spied on or tracked. Well, their wishes have finally come true with the introduction of starts off by ensuring that all their users are whom they say they are – by fully verifying them.  The company makes use of bleeding edge, industry leading, software-based facial recognition technology to verify a user’s identity.  This way, users will be given the best possible privacy and security protection so that, whomever they’re interacting with, they know the person is genuine. Not having fake users means that is championing a cause that will lead to a massive reduction or total elimination of fake accounts, fake news, and fake profiles.

The site also ensures that the data of all their users are kept safe and secure. No more reading of emails, activities, and data analysis of users. is a new frontier in delivering an innovative, secure, and transparent medium where anyone is free to be creative and express themselves without fears.

Social media platforms today make billions of dollars every year selling adverts to businesses who want to get their goods and services to the social media users. None of this profit ends up in the pockets of the users; SocialChains is going to change all of that. values users and the contribution they make on the platform with their personal data. For this reason, users will have the opportunity to share in up to 50% of the profits made by SocialChains – just for doing their everyday social media activities like sharing videos and photos, making comments, starting a conversation, and sharing stories. Further, as the platform grows and increases in value, an investor can expect an increase in the investment value.

Users earn by S-Tokens for signing up and sending referrals to the app. They also share in up to 50% of the profits by participating on the platform – at least 1 hr. a week or month. Every user that qualify will be allocated a share in the profits.

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