K8 Group will launch K fund in China mainland soon

Whether block chain technology can subvert this era or not, we dare not make an evaluation. According to the current development situation, we dare not deny block chain technology. We don’t know exactly how far block chain can progress, but block chain technology has really changed our world. At present, more and more people are becoming familiar with and understand the innovative and innovative nature of this technology. Slowly, in the past two years, users of the domestic block chain digital asset market have also been blowout-like growth. Among them, the contract market is still a trillion-level blue sea, and it is also a very important part of the development of the whole block chain industry.

In this bright but challenging era, the K8 contract came into being at the historic moment. Although the price of digital currency led by Bitcoin is rising gradually, which attracts more and more users to enter the field of digital currency, the whole market is still in its early stage, basically in its infancy, so there is a good space for development.

I will explain to you the DAPP plan for the K8 contract today

K8 contract Keiretsu Forum foundation 

K8 Group is currently the world’s largest angel investment agency Keiretsu Forum, with 21 branches worldwide and more than 12,000 qualified investor members. Keiretsu Forum is committed to helping SMEs achieve long-term development, build a bridge between capital and projects, and communicate with domestic and overseas markets. Keiretsu Forum’s investment members are made up of qualified angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, founders of charitable foundations and some well-known personalities from around the world. They are the “angels” of entrepreneurs to expand their careers.

Keiretsu Forum members work together to do due diligence, but the investment is made by individuals, ranging from $250,000 to $2 million. To date, members of the Keiretsu Forum have invested more than $400 million in more than 280 startups. The investment covers high technology, IT industry, life sciences, biomedicine, real estate and other industries with high growth potential.

Contract certificate – KBA(KBA Chain)

The K8 contract is a new DAPP contract model initiated by the Keiretsu Forum Foundation! And launched a special contract certificate – KBA(KBA Chain) 

KBA (KBA Chain) is the computing power of the Keiretsu Forum Foundation blockchain. Users can use this network to buy and sell contract calculations, which means users can complete tasks that require computing power on other people’s computers, or idle themselves. The sales of the computing power to the people who need it will be used in games, finance, commerce, payment, equity, incentive trading mechanisms, high-tech, IT industry, life sciences, biomedicine, real estate service block network.

KBA ecological application – 18 Big plan

1、K8 contract:The K8 contract is issued through the KAB constant benchmark USDT USD exchange rate, which is used to open settlement contracts and group investors to use the trading power to obtain income.

2、Yu Bi Bao:Through support for multiple blockchain asset types, KBA provides secure, convenient, decentralized one-stop management of storage and management of mainstream assets such as other currencies for multi-signature technology protection and two-step authorization verification. KBA pays.

3、Online quiz:Guess the index, guess the rise and fall, guess the game, guess the number, etc., to increase user interest. In order to improve the interaction and fun of the competition, all registered users can participate. Users can participate in various online quiz activities with their KBA certification.

4、Digital mall:Cross-border shopping, using KBA online store and offline merchants to consume shopping, you can buy a variety of world famous brand products in the mall, more applications, more liquid. KBA is a cross-border shopping platform without borders, a digital trading platform, and an international online shopping mall platform.

and many more…

K8 contract plan – DAPP

First of all, let’s take a look at what DAPP is.

DAPP is the abbreviation of Decentralized Application, translated as: decentralized application. App We all know that the app installed on the smartphone is the App. The DApp has a more ‘D’ than the App, and ‘D’ means decentralized. So, it means a decentralized application, which is a decentralized application. DApp is a completely open source and autonomous application. Once DApp is deployed, it cannot be changed. The value of the application is determined by the user.

 The advantage of DApp lies in the unique data identification and value transfer function of the blockchain. DApp has great advantages in user authentication process change, transaction security, industry production relationship change, reducing operation and maintenance cost, and reducing technology development cost. It can greatly enhance the user experience.

It can be seen that DAPP has blockchain technology such as consensus mechanism, smart contract, and cross-chain convergence. In the future, we may only need a DApp to get a lot of cooperation and transactions based on “trust” and “value”. With it, you can exchange countless resources among the numerous service organizations in the blockchain world, regardless of time and space constraints, to complete resource acquisition anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the K8 contract has abandoned the traditional APP concept and will use DAPP to shape a new consensus mechanism that subverts the world. Is it very much looking forward to it?

K8DAPP program – Contract mining 

Mining is an important way to obtain digital currency assets. Compared to traditional mining mining, K8 contract mining does not require expensive professional equipment, and does not require time and effort to operate the equipment and the contract price will be close to the spot. Price will further reduce the threshold for users to enter the digital currency market. K8 contract mining as a blockchain mining game is a subversive new way to go to the French currency, decentralized new model, the contract is fair to everyone, it makes the impossible possible:

1. Decentralization – No block record, all block records can be queried

2. No trust – Achieve consensus and trust through blockchains,

3. Equality for all – Everyone can participate, no matter how much wealth you have, as long as you participate, it means that you have reached a consensus with all users, you can get a variety of incentives. There is only fairness and justice here.

4. Circulation due to consensus – When there is circulation, it produces value, and when it has value, it creates wealth.

The K8 contract will subvert the flaws of all business models, and all participants will work together to create a decentralized contract system. We always believe that wealth comes from the circulation of funds! A decentralized financial system will change the world! For every user, the K8 contract is treated fairly, it is decentralized, there is no bookmaker, it does not need to rely on trust between people. The K8 contract will create a global platform with players all over the world, but players from all countries use the Token wallet. The K8 contract plan will completely overturn the past mode operation mechanism, which will greatly improve the efficiency of asset circulation and ensure the security of member assets. Simply put, the K8 contract is an application based on the blockchain main network system, and its Dapp is K8 contracts and all participants work together to create a decentralized financial system with exchange wallets and contracts in various main network systems.

As an evangelist of the early K8 contract, we are very honored. We should work together with the K8 contract to create a variety of ecological construction. We also hope that everyone with insight and teamwork will let us join the K8 contract to subvert the world and change the future. 

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