Virtual Staging Tours: How They Can Help Close Real Estate Deals

Virtual staging tour that displays an architectural 3D rendering of a house can help you close deals fast. Nearly 90 percent of virtually staged homes were successfully sold within a month of the listing, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

A virtual tour of a real estate can benefit realtors and developers in more ways than one.

A fraction of a Cost Compared to Traditional Staging

Firstly, virtual staging a house costs only a fraction of the traditional staging cost. The cost of traditional staging can be anywhere between $3000 and $10000. This excludes the monthly fee that you have to pay in case the property is not sold on time.

The cost of virtual staging is typically a third of the traditional staging cost. So, you will save costs and make more money through virtual staging.

Large Inventory of Items and Home Designs

The second benefit of virtual home design in 3D is that there are more up-to-date style and inventories as compared to traditional staging.

As compared to Traditional staging that generally has 50 to 100 furniture pieces, Polytope Studio offers more than 20,000 stylish digital model units. The units contain all the trendy, classical, high-end, economic styles to please the aesthetic of your target audience.

More Space without the Hassle

The third benefit of virtual architectural rendering is that it creates an architectural visualization of an empty house. This will give a sense of more space and more imaginations to your clients. No need to schedule the labors to move in and out of the furniture when you have an advanced virtual tour at your fingertip.

Also, there is no risk of damaging or losing furniture when the property is not occupied.

Web Integration

In the present age of the internet, most people search for property online before contacting a real estate agent. A 360 virtual staging tour is both browser and mobile-friendly. You can host the work online even after the property is sold to show closed deals.

Showcase Properties in 3D

Polytope Studio can build white branded apps for your company to showcase all your properties in 3D. You can showcase projects before renovations, or even before construction.

Whether there is a potential opportunity to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the backyard or trying to market the condo units which are not on the market yet, Polytope Studio can help you.

We can market the space virtually before being built. Our tool is great for fix-uppers when the units are not in mint condition for home staging, and not all buyers have the vision of how space will look when renovated.

Showcase Commercial Properties

Staging of commercial properties is almost impossible. But business owners do want to have an idea of how to arrange their space before signing the lease. With the help of virtual staging, you will be able to generate an architectural rendering of the commercial property. This will convince the business owner in signing the lease and close the deal quickly.

Work with Us

Polytope Studio is a US-based architectural visualization solution company with a strong design background. We have helped a lot of industry leaders over the years not only on visualizations but also on conceptual designs.

We are eager to help you style and sell your property faster at a lower cost. Find out more about our product at


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