POE 3.8.0 Blight Guide: a Few Tricks For Teaching To Play POE 3.8 Better

POE 3.8.0 Blight Guide: a Few Tricks For Teaching To Play POE 3.8 Better

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With the continent of Wraeclast, battle and conflict have never stopped, and the exiles fought for freedom, rights and even survival. From the eternal conflict between the legions to a spreading and overwhelming threaten of Blight, they are not small challenges. A brand new adventure has already begun, fortunately, we are always with you. And it’s time to prepare something that may help you just like the ones for past expansions.


The September expansion of POE was named Blight, just as its name showed, it is a league full of challenges along with Fungal Growth, if you can’t destroy them quickly, all the creatures around you will be damaged. Some infected monsters are protecting the growths, and they are so strong that you can not kill them directly with your character skills. Therefore, Sister Cassia will teach you how to build defensive towers against the weakness of each monster to block their attack. Nothing more to say, good luck on your adventure.

Tower-defense mechanism

The tower-defense mechanism is the major battle mode in the game, and Sister Cassis is an NPC in the game, who would never die. And she could provide you various types of defense towers, each of them has specific functions, you’d better place them as the terrain, the weakness of monsters and more factors in order to make the towers play the most important role. Of course, there are several types of towers, and you need to figure out carefully all of them in advance.

Tower types

There are different types of towers, containing Chill, Shock, Stun, Burn, Summon, Empower, Petrify and Debilitate, and each one can be upgraded, up to level 4, correspondingly, the higher your tower level, the stronger its strength and skill.

Oil types

It didn’t exist in other expansions except for Blight, it yields oils, which will be rewarded by players. When the exiles complete some quests, they are able to get some different types of oils, there is a total of 12 oils in Blight, and the combination of oils each other can grant different effects.

Mode adjustment

Some mode adjustments have been added to Blight, which would make it difficult for some players to get used to, and the major ones are as follows:

Throw away Master Mission: instead of spending a lot of time on completing each of the Master Missions, and you are allowed to complete the quests at any time through your map, no matter which one you choose. If so, you have more free time to enjoy other in-game content. On the other side, never give up all of your encounters, which will reduce your rewards and even slow down your upgrade.

Revamp some classes: some classes including the Witch’s Necromancer Ascendancy Class have been made minor adjustments, which may affect some of your operating habits, such as the modification of Necromancer Ascendancy, the introduction of new characters and so on, there is always something you need to pay attention to in case you miss them.

Increase new rewards: every time, GGG would add some new items to the new expansions as rewards, in Blight, it contains 18 new Divination Cards, 16 new Skill and Support Gems, and 16 new Unique Items, gather up them as much as possible in exchange for more POE Currency.

POE trade

GGG never lets players pay to win, but POE trade runs through the whole process of the game, and trading among POE Items with other players never stopped by now. It is a game dominated by the player-controlled economy, and POE 3.8.0 Currency is almost always discussed by the players, although it is very common, we still have something to say.

Trade with someone reliable, no matter in or outside the game, or you will suffer loss.

Be patient and excited

We can’t give you the absolutely correct guide, after all, you are playing your own game, but what we said can lighten the stress. No matter what time, please be patient and excited to play the game better.

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