Families Are Getting Their Homes Back-to-School Ready

Families Are Getting Their Homes Back-to-School Ready

It’s the time of year when parents celebrate and children weep. What time is it? It’s back to school time. This time is not a time to solely focus on getting school supplies and settling into the new school year, but it’s also about getting your kitchen and dining room remodeled to help your children succeed. For example, you can create a kitchen snack station for your children. By remodeling your kitchen to include a pantry or space that is low enough for your children to grab snacks, they can get what they need before heading out the door in the morning.

When they get home, add things like packs of nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars in the pantry so that your children can grab them during homework time. Get in touch with Karin Ross Designs and consider doing the following:

1. Create a Homework Zone in the Dining Area

As your children grow older and advance in school, they will receive more and more homework. Thus, it’s important for your children to have their own study space. A lot of children go to their rooms to do their work; however, this isn’t an ideal choice because there are too many distractions. Consider setting up a homework zone in the dining room.

Why is this an ideal space for a homework zone? Your children have access to snacks from the kitchen and they are away from many distractions such as tv and video games. The designers at https://karinrossdesigns.com/kansas-city/ have several ways to remodel your dining room to include a homework zone. This may include a small bookshelf, an organizer, a desk, and shelves. You may also want to add small touches such as pegboards and extra lighting to help your children complete their homework.

2. Install New Space in Your Kitchen

Back-to-school time traditionally means that you and your family will be in the kitchen a lot cooking breakfast in the morning, getting the lunch boxes packed, and cooking dinner. You may want to go to https://karinrossdesigns.com/ for more information about making your kitchen back-to-school ready. This is especially true if you need just a little more pantry space. You can use under-the-shelf storage baskets on kitchen shelves. You can even add school supplies in the baskets so that your children won’t have to search their rooms for the extra notebook or pen while studying in the kitchen.

3. Add a Closet for Your Children’s School Belongings

You know how any space in the house can become a dumping ground for all things school-related like backpacks, sports gear, shoes, and jackets. That’s why it is a good idea to add a closet either near the front door or close to the dining room for your child’s things. This is a good location because it is where their homework zone is and where they will eat breakfast in the morning.

Start the New School Year off Right

Once again, it’s the best time of year for you. It’s back-to-school time! So, make the best of the time by remodeling your kitchen and dining area to give your child the perfect place to study. This will help them focus on getting good grades all year long.

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