LEBEN Delegation Went to UAE for Investigation and Will Explore More Possibilities for Cooperation

Hongkong – Sep 24, 2019 – From September 9 to September 13 in 2019, LEBEN delegation went to Arab for a 5-day investigation. Amos Lang, founder of LKBT, and senior leaders of the Business Division, the Technical Division and the Research Institute of China Telecom respectively represented LEBEN’s important partner LKBT and China Telecom to go along.

Figure 1 – Panoramic Image of Abu Dhabi, Capital of Arab

On September 10, LEBEN delegation visited DU, the second largest telecommunication operator of the United Arab Emirates, and the two parties had full discussions over cooperation in such fields as medical science, 5G and others.

Figure 2 – LEBEN Delegation and Representatives of DU Talking about Cooperation

On September 12, LEBEN delegation visited Global Quest Capital LLC. During the visit, LEBEN delegation had talks about work with Jason Li, Executive (Operative) Partner of Global Quest Capital LLC, and both parties exchanges opinions on such topics as cooperating in medical science, finance fields and others.

Figure 3 – LEBEN Delegation and Jason Li Talking about Work

This visit has a significant influence on LEBEN’s rapid development in the Middle East areas and lays a good foundation for achieving the ultimate goal of “health coverage for all people”.

Figure 4

Meanwhile, this is the debut of LKBT, an important bottom layer data exchange partner of LEBEN. LKBT is the first blockchain infrastructure designed for the trusted exchange and clearances of data assets (knowledge, algorithm, hash rate), which has completely solved such problems as difficult compliance, difficult pricing, difficult algorithms billing and difficult clearing.

With the successive joining of LEBEN partners, LEBEN’s ecosystem is gradually taking shape, and a highly inclusive, innovation stimulating, positive cycling ecosystem is about to be established.

About LEBEN:

LEBEN is an smart-contract-based collaboration platform that technologically features “creditable medical data exchange” and “profound sharing of medical knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange between different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we develop, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and healthcare homogenization, benefiting billions of people.

LEBEN official website: leben.pro

About DU:

As an affiliated subsidiary of EITC (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company), DU starts business in 2006 and provides mobile phones and telephones, broadband and IPTV services for all families and enterprises in the United Arab Emirates as well as communication services, data centers, network exchange devices and satellite services for broadcasting companies. In an investigation announced by ARC Chart, it was rated as the best mobile broadband network in the Middle East and African areas in 2012. With an annual revenue of over 10 billion Dirhams, it currently owns over 6.5 million mobile phone users (accounting for about 50% of market shares), 555,000 telephone users, 180,000 family service users and over 70,000 corporate customers. In 2019, DU achieves the first 5G video call in the United Arab Emirates.

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