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These days consumers are rejecting traditional forms of entertainment in favour of digital ones like music streaming services, personalized databases and most importantly, authenticity of the entertainers. In fact, 86% of consumers say that authenticity is important when deciding which artists they support, and social media has had a great impact on digital entertainment.

Consumers seek to be active participants in the lives of the artists or social media influencers, and public figures like Andrei Lucas, music writer but also social media creative and influencer creates a message for an audience that he is in constant connection with.

In his social media journey, Andrei Lucas determined the consumers to trust his work and authenticity through social media more than through classical means of streaming or advertisement. On the other hand, mental health is also a subject Andrei Lucas has touched in many of his works from music to social media posts and in recent years a growing number of social media users are sharing their mental health battles, insecurities and vulnerabilities with the world, via social media.

Celebrities and public figures like actors Dwayne Johnson and Gina Rodriguez and singer Ariana Grande have used social media as a platform to share stories about their mental health and encourage others, hence why Andrei Lucas highlighted how he acknowledges the fact that sharing his battles improves not only his life, but also the lives of others.

On the entertainment side, digital entertainment can lack regulation when it comes to streaming rights and comes across as an adrenaline rush. Andrei Lucas adds: “To me, social media has become a major part of my life and also of my entertainment, and as a social media influencer and aspiring entertainer, social media is something that was life changing, because it motivated me to continue my work as an artist through social media.” Furthermore, Andrei Lucas added: “I write music, but I am also an experienced photographer with a film production activity and background which helps me understand visuals and what my audience likes to see.”

On the other side, as a social media influencer, the marketing side has changed considerably, and agencies are re-evaluating how the work with influencers. Ultimately, being genuine will get you to success.

Andrei Lucas released his single Real Life this summer and the music video he directed:

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