How Oral Health and Cosmetic Dentistry are Combining to Make a Winning Smile

Aesthetic treatments are more popular than ever and all the signs point towards this continuing to grow, as people become ever more self-conscious and willing to undergo procedures that alter and improve their appearance. Dentistry is a major part of this and the days of the dentist solely being there to check on the health of a person’s teeth are long gone.

That said, oral health continues to be fundamental to the core services of dentistry, and the old-fashioned methods of regular, rigorous teeth cleaning are still indispensable pieces of advice to patients who not only care about the appearance of their teeth, but who are also concerned about the wider health implications. Some gum disease problems, for example, have been linked to conditions such as dementia and diabetes.

The Art of Dentistry is based in Toronto, and is an example of the modern-day dental practice, with its dual focus on aesthetic treatments and oral health. Services provided cater to all requirements, whether it is help with poor oral health, reconstructive work for damaged teeth that are the result of accidents, or proactive development of a pleasing smile.

The clinic offers a teeth whitening and Invisalign service on a customized basis, that includes providing patients with a special kit to carry out teeth whitening in their own home. Dr Sol Weiss, who heads up the clinic, was one of the first dentists to start using Invisalign and he takes a comprehensive approach, including taking a detailed 3D model of a patient’s teeth on their first visit, followed by an exact plan that describes the movement of teeth throughout the treatment.

The clinic also offers ultra-thin porcelain veneers and a combined ‘smile makeover’ option that allows patients to combine many of these treatments with other services such as gum contouring and dental crowns.

Tackling problems associated with poor oral health is also central to the work of the Art of Dentistry. This includes an advanced method of fixing gum recession, known as the pinhole surgical technique, which has largely supplanted the previous techniques whereby gum recession was treated by painful surgery, involving the cutting of the gum tissue and pulling them up over the receded area. The pinhole surgical technique involves no cutting and can be completed in an hour.

Gum recession can be caused by a range of issues – tobacco use, overly strenuous brushing, gingivitis and periodontal disease – and if left untreated can cause actual tooth loss, damage to the jawbone and even non-dental conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

The Art of Dentistry also provides a range of traditional restorative options such as crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures, and a full mouth reconstruction service that offers a combination of these treatments according to the specific needs of the patient. Also available is laser therapy treatment, which provides a further defence against gum disease by using a laser to carefully destroy the bacteria along the gum that causes disease.

About The Art of Dentistry

Based in Yorkville, Toronto, the Art of Dentistry offers a combination of traditional oral health services and cosmetic treatment. The clinic is headed by Dr Sol Weiss, who is a former Assistant Professor of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba.

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