Ma Yun on Meeting Setl Executives and Recommending Its Intelligent Quantitative Butler Technology

Yun Ma met with the core management team of SETL Company to discuss the digital assets of the blockchain, and explored SETL’s intelligent quantitative butler technology, which Yun Ma highly recommends.

LONDON, UK – Sep 24, 2019 – Recently there was a Ma Yun meeting Setl executives where the SETL technology of blockchain impressed him. That is because, after assessing their Setl token, he found that their symbol continues to support significant platforms of digital assets. It can quickly implement the automated global trading of significant platforms of different virtual currencies. The token mainly focuses on smart and quantitative AI trading. Hence, it permits global customers to make the most of value-added digital asset services. 

The SETL blockchain uses an efficient mechanism of consensus that helps it maintain a very distributed state. This technology is fast by all means and can easily be deployed at a scale across the widely-distributed network for achieving speeds of the transaction up to ten thousand seconds/second.

The interoperability and Security by SETL are exemplary because they perform intelligent quantification. These blockchains can easily interact with the SWIFT (MT) and ISO (MX) messages with the other workflow tools of the industry standard. These include workflow engines of BPMN2. 

The SETL smart butler engages early on in the method of mapping the journey from prototypes to the systems of production. Eventually, clients benefit from the technical expertise of SETL but an in-depth understanding of SETL’s current market practices and infrastructures.

The core of SETL technology has a Big Object system of storage that is all-purpose. You have to think of the technology as a highly performant data store that is specifically designed for the blockchain world. It is capable of holding many objects that are organized for immutability and provability. 

The best part of this technology is that it does not rely on proof-of-work algorithms that consume energy. A network total of five servers virtually using the blockchain of SETL can consume nothing more than what a few light bulbs consume.

At a recent press meet, the media met up with Yun Ma. And, on asking about how the workflow impressed him, he said: “SETL blockchain orchestrates activities on the blockchain using the BPMN2 workflows. Hence, anyone using it can do without learning esoteric languages or hire expensive developers of blockchain. I am impressed with how it presents their workflows and permits participants in building their customized functionality.”

About SETL

SETL was set up in the year 2005, and it is known to bring the blockchain technology benefits to the industry of financial services. Professionals of financial services lead the team, and they have an extensive domain industry knowledge as well as expertise. This expertise is what they utilize in innovation and disruption. SETL possesses the competence for working within industries and highly-regulated markets. The core technology of SETL does not use crypto-currency or tokens. This technology has been explicitly designed to not support anonymous transfers of value. SETL is an ISO 27001 certified company. It deploys and develops solutions that follow the best practices of financial services.

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