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Children’s Author Julian Michael Carver Releases his Second Book in “The Backpack Dinosaur” Series on October 1, 2019

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Children’s Author Julian Michael Carver Releases his Second Book in “The Backpack Dinosaur” Series on October 1, 2019

September 25
03:03 2019

Pittsburgh, PA – The newest book in the series, “Camp Raptor”, is a Halloween-themed addition to the series. In the book, the Saunders family takes a weekend vacation to a campground in Western Pennsylvania. During the trip, Mr. Saunders tells the kids about a shadowy figure named Fatfoot, who lives in the forest nearby. At first, the children don’t believe the ghost story, dismissing it as a tall tale. But when a mysterious visitor visits the campsite that night, Andy and Anna decide to investigate the story for themselves, with the help of their pet velociraptor, Tennyson. 

“I think it’s great that I’m able to do this,” Carver explains. “I would have loved my book series if it had been released when I was growing up. When I wasn’t glued to the TV watching Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time, I was buried in a dinosaur textbook or reading about them in my science books from school.”

Carver explains that his books stand out in a crowded field of other books for children, because he believes that kid lit has been gravitating more towards zombies,vampires,elves,dragons, and other mythological beings. “It seems like dinosaurs are a thing of the past for most children’s books, except for a rare few chapter books and picture books,” Carver said. “I’m hoping that “The Backpack Dinosaur” books will change that. 

Carver is known for trying to reintroduce dinosaurs back into children’s literature. His first book in the series, “A Raptor Ate My Homework!” was made available in April of this year. Carver hopes to continue to write “The Backpack Dinosaur” series for years, and already has plans for ten potential sequels. He plans to release his third book in the series around February of 2020.

In addition to writing, Carver also works full time as a commercial editor, using his skills in motion graphics and video editing to market his book series by producing his own commercials for “The Backpack Dinosaur”. “I think this gives me somewhat of an edge over other writers,” Carver explained. “The ability to produce my own broadcast-quality videos for my books significantly helps with marketing and cutting down advertising costs.” Carver runs his commercials through YouTube and Google, usually in the Pittsburgh market where he grew up.

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