Backpacker Coin Launching Soon with Exchange on the Cards

Backpacker Coin Launching Soon with Exchange on the Cards

Backpacker Coin, a Singapore-based USD-backed stablecoin project is back and will be available for users in the near future. The futuristic and practical stablecoin allows users to spend money in a borderless manner all around the world without the need of using intermediaries like banks who charge exorbitant fees and are restricted geographically. Backpacker Coin as the name suggests is especially useful for the backpacking and touring community around the world and their demands of a borderless yet stable currency have now been answered with our revolutionary platform. 

In the latest update to the USD-backed stablecoin project, the organisation behind Backpacker Coin has announced in-house real-time testing of the new project. More details will follow once the initial test of the platform is complete and the findings can be shared with the shareholders and the early bird investors in a transparent manner. Due to the excellent feedback from the investor community and our users, the Backpacker Coin’s upper limit is set to be increased with more incentives for miners to come and join the decentralized project.

The Backpacker Exchange Announced

The Backpacker organisation has also announced the development of a new cryptocurrency exchange where the backpacker coin and other fiat and cryptocurrencies can be traded professionally. The work on the exchange has begun and the investors will be apprised fully of the development in the near future.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are rapidly becoming the largest day-to-day public trading platforms in the world. Binance, Coinbase, and Bitstamp, three of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world handle more than $1 billion worth of trades every day on their own. It is a fast growing industry that is also incorporating other trading sectors like forex and bullion trading. Soon, gold-btc trading options will also be available for users around the world.

Backpacker Team aims to take advantage of this situation and come out with an innovative exchange of its own. While the project is currently being kept under wraps for secrecy, users can be confident that great things lie in store for the future.

We take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in our amazing project from potential users, investors and crypto enthusiasts. With the increase in blockchain-based businesses around the world in general and Singapore in particular, Backpacker Coin aims to be the future of excellence and profitable investment. 

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