Zerolemon Announces iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Charging Case Perfect For Drivers, Army, And Outdoor Users

Everyone has special needs for a phone charger based on the kind of venture they’re into. The iPhone 11 pro max with 10000mAh is the right phone accessory for people who are always on the go

Hong Kong, China – Almost everyone is falling in love with the new iPhone 11 series by Apple. These phones are not just gorgeous, they have functionality beyond human imagination.

All of those features and capacity is nothing without constant power. That is why ZeroLemon is introducing the new battery charging case for 2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5-in, with a capacity of 10000mAh.

This is the ultimate battery charging case for anyone who is always on the move and needed more power to keep their phones working. People like drivers, outdoor users, army, and etc. prefer this product because it makes it easy for them to achieve more.

With this phone charging case, users will be able to do all sorts of things like play games, go mountain climbing, hiking, use GPS and other applications or go on an adventure without worrying about charging the phone.

What makes this iPhone 11 pro max battery charging case awesome and irresistible is not just the 10000mAh but other incredible features like lightning charging.

Once the phone battery is down, the user will need to charge it again, and this case makes the charging so fast that it only takes a short time for the battery to be full again. It also comes with a data sync capability, so that users can transfer data seamlessly without any problems.

The newly released iPhone 11 pro max is very expensive. Apart from being a phone charger, the iPhone 11 pro max battery charging case is a ZeroShock rugged case that offers full edge protection, guarding the iPhone against scratches and other daily wears and tears. It’s also CarPlay Compatible so users can continue to enjoy their music, and make use of powerful iPhone 11 pro max features while on the go.

With this device, iPhone 11 pro max users don’t have to carry extra luggage as the phone case is also the charger. ZeroLemon is very much interested in making life easier for their consumers, by providing them with quality products that last long and delivers the perfect phone accessories solutions.

For more information on how to purchase the battery charging case, please contact 1-415-685-4343, [email protected], or visit

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