Shane Mitchell Is Proving That Anybody Can Be An Entrepreneur

Shane Mitchell Is Proving That Anybody Can Be An Entrepreneur

Shane Mitchell – Currently A Student At USC
Shane Mitchell, the Unexpected Entrepreneur, Introduces Platform to Promote the Travel Industry Through Social Media

When most people imagine the idea of an established Entrepreneur they think of people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who had their career already mapped out by knowing what they wanted to do. The field of Entrepreneurship tends to give off this false sense of hidden knowledge, stability, and confidence that is ultimately necessary to start a company or business. Often times, that is not how an Entrepreneur or Business starts and Shane Mitchell is living proof of that.

Shane Mitchell started his company on accident. Despite feeling totally unprepared, Shane took the first few steps to found his three social media lifestyle companies Desire, Travl, and Travel. He recalls the moment by telling Marketplace: “I just happened to jump on an opportunity to start a venture with a good friend of mine. I was not ready, but by taking the first step, I started on a path that over time gave me the skills I needed to make my vision possible.” Shane’s journey had only just begun.

While being enrolled at the University of Southern California pursuing a double major in Business and Political Science, Shane, 22, made major progress as an entrepreneur. Offering promotion and marketing services on social media. Shane’s companies have partnered with over 100 luxury hospitality companies across 20 countries to successfully showcase their properties and services to global travelers. As part of his successful networking process, Shane identified key characteristics in digital media that creates maximum engagement while driving viral results. 

Unlike most college students, Shane Mitchell doesn’t leave too much time for socializing because hes too busy updating Instagram. Using his new-found tactics, Shane has garnered a social media following of over 1.3 Million active users across his 3 different and unique pages. This large following gives Shane the ability to work with large companies to build their exposure. He is currently working on a business venture with one of hip hop’s biggest artists, Akon. 

Although being an entrepreneur wasn’t on Shane’s radar, it seems to be going well for him. He is a living example of a surprise entrepreneur and he owns that title proudly. Mitchell tells his Instagram followers (@shane.mitch) that while his friends are busy tanning and partying at USC, he’s at school, putting in 12 hour work days. By posting videos on his story, in which he shares his daily routine, and instructs fellow business students on how to gain press with publishers with nothing but a cellphone, Shane continues to motivate upcoming college students that already look up to him. That tenacity and drive is exactly what Shane exhibits when conducting business. From starting with just a phone and an idea, to building and worldwide business, Shane Mitchell is the embodiment of the American dream.

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