In the name of God, Ouroboros came to resolve the vicious circle of blockchain finance

At present, the application scenarios of block chain technology are more and more extensive. Block chain technology has shifted from basic cognition to landing ecology, including telecommunications, health care and government service, have all started diversified block chain practices. However, the application of block chain finance industry is still in the forefront of the industry. The landing speed of block chain application scene is significantly increased,especially in the aspect of empowered finance,

Ouroboros is an institution dedicated to studying the application of block chain technology in financial industry. Starting from the blockchain financial application scenario, Ouroboros uses a new distributed ledger technology to transform the entire industrial application into a virtuous circle system that is independent but mutually supportive.

Facing the chaos in the application of block chain finance industry in the world today, Ouroboros is willing to become a pioneer warrior. Ouroborosfaces squarelyand handlesproperlythe problems existing in block chain financewith his firm belief in “balance and circulation, eternity and infinity”. So that commercial organizations, community builders and investors can coexist harmoniously and in a virtuous circle.

In order to achieve this strategic goal, Ouroboros has launched the No.1 commercial application – “Fire Phoenix” program, meticulously building super-strong user consensus, integrating multi-channel block chain financial application chain, and establishing anecosystemwith a sustainable cycle.

Ouroboros brings together technical talents from many countries in the world and will creatively build a more open and diversified block chain financial community, giving outstanding community builders the opportunity to become partners of Ouroboros and participate in major decisions such as product design, business plan development direction, community construction plan, etc. to build Ouroboros into a better and richer block chain financial system.

In the future, Ouroboros will grow into a multi-functional wallet with multi-scene application functions, including asset management, currency trading, encrypted currency payment, block chain games, decentralized social networking, market launch, Dapp, ecological industry circulation and other functions, forming a multi-platform, multi-scene and multi-industry application block chain financial wealth generalization system to provide higher welfare for future human beings.

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