Crissy Butts’ Newly Released Book Shares Her Family’s Story of Overcoming Extreme Adversity to Find Prosperity and Ultimately What Matters Most!

Houston, Texas, USA – Highly energetic happiness coach, Crissy Butts has now released her inspiring new You CHOOSE Your Path book/workbook. This adventurous memoir takes you on her family’s intimate and sometimes humorous journey from the frozen Alaskan tundra living in a rustic cabin with 4 young boys and no running water, to starting a limo business revealing the transparency of the stress and chaos of owning a high level 24/7 ground transportation company, which was awarded the industry’s National Operator of the Year. The twists and turns of this book take you on their journey from the Arctic Tundra to living in the Costa Rica jungle.

You CHOOSE Your Path! reveals from the brinks of divorce, how they rose above adversity and managed to keep their marriage and family intact despite opposition on every front. This new book is deemed a must read for any entrepreneur – man or woman – who struggles to find a sense of balance between their career and family. Brimming with heartfelt stories and soul-touching pictures, the book beckons readers to find joy in the journey. This is a very poignant book that ultimately shares the message that family matters most.

As a Happiness Coach, Crissy Butts, spends most of her time trying to radiate her sunshine to others. Motivated by the loss of 4 family members to suicide, she is compelled to share her valuable insights and her secrets for happiness with a large demographic of readers. A sneak peek of ‘The Sunshine Strategy,’ and ‘The 21 Day Happiness Challenge’ is included to help readers improve the quality of their personal and professional lives and recommended by doctors, therapists, and business leaders across the United States.

Crissy Butts, LMT, is an author of several books and programs to strengthen relationships in the family and the workplace. With valuable insights she has learned from overcoming her own turbulent times, she aims to help readers elevate their happiness, strengthen their relationships, and find greater meaning and purpose in everyday life. She and her husband, Desmon, have been married for 30+ years, have 5 children and 15 grandchildren. Desmon is an airline captain and they reside near Houston, TX.

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