Northwest Surgery Center welcomes new minimally invasive foot surgery specialist Dr. Jordan Sullivan to the team

Denver-based Northwest Surgery Center has recently appointed specially trained minimally invasive foot surgery specialist Dr. Sullivan. The leading podiatric surgery center corrects various foot problems with advanced minimally invasive and virtually painless surgeries that also assure quicker recovery time.

Littleton, Colorado – September 25, 2019 – Northwest Surgery Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jordan Sulllivan to the team. Dr. Sullivan is a young dynamic minimally invasive foot surgery specialist who has joined the Denver location of Northwest Surgery Center. The highly skilled and specially trained physician has been a former intern at the Wisconsin location of the leading foot surgery center. 

Born & raised in the Midwest, Dr. Sullivan completed his graduation in Biotechnology at the University of Nebraska. Passionate about orthopedic surgery, he then went on to join Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery from where he graduated with honors. After that, he followed up with a 3-year residency at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s where he specialized in rearfoot, forefoot as well as ankle reconstruction. Dr. Sullivan has also received specialized training in minimally invasive surgery, biomechanics, wound care, and sports medicine.

“We are excited to welcome the specially trained and extremely promising physician Dr. Jordan Sulllivan to our Denver team. He follows an exclusive blend of cutting-edge treatment techniques which improve the body’s natural ability to heal. It eventually helps patients get back to their normal functioning lives as fast as possible. We respect his patient-first approach as at Northwest, we always put our patient’s needs first to ensure optimum care and healing. Dr. Sullivan brings a fresh vision to our team with his advanced training and specialized skills. We are proud to have him at Northwest”, stated Dr. Brant McCartan, a leading physician from Northwest Surgery Center.

Northwest Surgery Center is a pioneer of minimally invasive bunion surgery in the US for more than three decades now. In fact, it is the sole podiatric center in Colorado to offer the advanced alternative to the conventional painful foot surgery. The leading surgery center is backed by board-certified surgeons who don’t incline to the traditional cumbersome system of using internal hardware to correct bunions.

“It’s a great moment for me to join Northwest Surgery Center in the capacity of a physician. As a physician, patient’s comfort is the most important thing to me. I am glad to be a part of an esteemed team that has been practicing the same ethos with minimally invasive surgeries for years. I had a fantastic experience at the center’s Wisconsin location as an intern. Now, I am looking forward to serving the Denver location with equal vigor and excitement”, noted Dr. Sullivan.

Added to bunions, Northwest Surgery Center also caters to significant foot problems like hammertoes and heel spurs. Unlike the traditional podiatric centers that follow painful invasive surgeries, Northwest promises a safer and less painful treatment experience with minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Moreover, the advanced podiatric surgery center can perform its minimally invasive surgeries any time. The recovery period too is much shorter here than traditional invasive surgery procedures.

“Unlike traditional invasive foot surgeries that leave you with prominent scars, our minimally invasive surgery assures just minimal scarring. Besides, the conventional surgical procedures usually leave patients with crutches, cast, uncomfortable footgear after an operation. But you have no such worries with our minimally invasive techniques. Our patients usually ‘walkout’ of our surgical suite conveniently and can also ‘drive back’ home comfortably.”

Northwest Surgery Center is bustling with multiple happy testimonials from the elated patients:

“I walked out the door the day of surgery- and was driving 3 days later. Within 6 weeks I was back to normal activity! The staff is the best I have experienced… ever.“

“Having suffered with bunions for years, I was delighted to find a facility in Colorado that offers the minimally invasive procedure. I highly recommend Northwest Surgery Center.”

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