2019 Tour of China Hits New Record With 10 Years’ Precipitation, Casting Today’s Brilliance

The 10th Tour of China (TOC) has concluded after 16 days of competition, passing by 5 provinces and 8 cities. It started from Weichang of Chengde, all the way through Huangshi economic and technological development zone (Tieshan district) of Hubei, Zhijiang of Yichang, Nanxian of Hunan, Ningyuan and Jianghua of Yongzhou, Anshun of Guizhou, and finished in Mingshan of Ya’an, Sichuan.


Chinese cyclist LYU Xianjing became the first ever Chinese champion of TOC in 10 years. It is also the best achievement made by Chinese cyclists in Chinese road cycling tours history. In September 22nd, when LYU Xianjing and his teammates held the Chinese national flag high after the tour, they had paid a tribute for 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China through their own hard efforts.

“We hope to create a platform for Chinese cyclists to enhance their competitive level through TOC.” As Shen Jinkang, chairman of Chinese Cycling Association has introduced in various interviews, in previous competitions, including TOC, although Chinese cyclists have occasionally won the sprinter’s blue shirt or the climbing king’s polka dot shirt, they could merely compete on the level of best Asian cyclists or best Chinese cyclists. In recent years, TOC has become an important platform and convenient channel in which Chinese cyclists can compete with foreign top-notch cyclists. Through this competition, Chinese cyclists have made great  improvement and won the stage champion and eventually, the individual general classification championship.

Each year, the design of route is under meticulous consideration of the organizing committee, introducing more representative new cities into the competition, showcasing China’s beautiful landscape, cultural variety and economic achievement.


Huangshi economic and technological development zone(Tieshan district) of Hubei, Nanxian and Jianghuacen Heavenly River of Hunan, Mingshan of Ya’an, Sichuan, etc. are all new faces appearing in 2019 TOC. Man nationality in Weichang, dances of Saman nationality, Emperor Shun Mausoleum in Ningyuan of Yongzhou, Yao nationality songs and dances, the love town, local drama of Ming Dynasty, Tunbao culture and wax printing in Anshun, World Tea Capital in Mengding Mountain, Mingshan of Ya’an. These cities have showcased their local cultural features and unity of nationalities through TOC. Lending TOC’s international influence, they have shown the national image of a big, growing country.

After 10 years’ cycling across China, TOC has covered 13 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, and more than 90 cities. That is one third of the Chinese territory. This international competition not only is a world miracle, but also has conveyed Chinese ancient cultural heritage to people all around the world.

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