PFGHL Debut at the Western China Silk Expo 2019

Hongkong – Sep 26, 2019 – The Western China Silk Expo 2019, which was co-hosted by China Silk Association and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel, and organized by Nanchong Municipal People’s Government, Sichuan International Expo Group and Sichuan Silk Association, was officially unveiled in Nanchong, Sichuan Province on September 17, 2019.

With the theme of “New Era, New Silk Road and New Future”, this expo is designed to further promote China’s silk culture, explore the spiritual inheritance of silk road, get deeply involved in “The Belt and Road Initiative”, accelerate the high-level development of silk industry in the central and western regions of China, and provide a good exhibition and exchange platform for domestic companies. PFGHL made investment in Yilong County, Nanchong City to establish two companies: Nanchong Fashion Foundation Manufacturing Limited and Bombyx Limited. The leaders of the two companies were invited to the expo and the project signing ceremony of Nanchong’s investment promotion meeting.

As the world’s leading textile and garment supplier, Profits Fund Global Holding Ltd. occupied 150 mu of land and invested 300 million yuan to establish Nanchong Fashion Foundation Manufacturing Limited in 2013, which created 2,000 jobs for local people. In 2018, the company completed the export value of 86 million yuan, and has now grown into the leading exporter in Nanchong City. PFGHL actively responds to the policy of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, makes determined endeavors to boost the development of local textile and garment industry, focuses on the tight relationship between corporate growth and regional development, and highlights the environmental protection, human care and social and corporate sustainability. In 2017, PFGHL started to build an organic sericulture base and establish Bombyx Limited, which has gradually developed into the core force of the local silk clothing industry.

At the expo, Nanchong Fashion Foundation Manufacturing Limited showed its high-quality and environment-friendly garment products to the consumers, including cotton textiles, linen and silk textiles, and partly organic textiles. Also, Bombyx Limited introduced organic mulberry leaves, silkworm cocoons, raw silk and fabric to the domestic and foreign exhibitors, displayed the company’s development results and attracted many entrepreneurs of the textile industry to participate in the discussion.

To promote the transformation of textile companies and support the development of rural areas, PFGHL signed an agreement with Yilong County Government of Nanchong City for the construction of an entire clothing industrial chain in Hong Kong in November 2018. The total amount of this investment was 2 billion yuan. PFGHL aimed to build a clothing industrial park with better environmental and energy saving standards than the European Union. To date, the company has developed and built the organic sericulture base with 16,000 mu of land in Yilong District, including 10,000 mu of construction area in eight villages across Tonggu Township/Tumen Central Base.

Besides, Bombyx organic sericulture development centre has been connected to the smart sericulture system to enable the scientific and digitalized management of the industry. Bombyx will continue to partner with Yilong County Government, executing plans like standardized mass mobilization, standardized planting standard, standardized prevention and control of plant diseases and pests, and standardized technical guidance. Also, Bombyx will fulfill the goal of refunding rents to land owners and employing farmers as full-time workers to promote the farmer support project by planting mulberry trees and growing silkworms and helping raising the life quality of local people.

As great efforts are made to accelerate the construction of the organic sericulture base, PFGHL will build the automatic printing, dyeing and weaving project for reeling silk and real silk. The project covers a total area of 185 mu and is designed to include facilities like reeling silk workshop, weaving workshop, whitening workshop, printing & dyeing workshop, warehouse, exhibition hall, wastewater treatment, and dormitory.

Now the reeling silk workshop, weaving workshop as well as the supportive facilities have been included in the Phase I project. The construction is expected to start by the end of 2019, and the facilities will be completed and put into use before June 2020. The whitening workshop, and printing & dyeing workshop will see the completion of construction and official production in 2021. After the whole project is completed and the production starts, its annual output will total 120 million yuan.

PFGHL stated that it will cooperate with related research institutions and Yilong County Government to promote the sustainable development of textile industry and strive to build the organic sericulture base with 400,000 mu of land within five to ten years. PFGHL will intensively develop and comprehensively utilize the resources of mulberry trees and silkworms, facilitate the transformation of mulberry and silkworm industry from a single industry to a diversified industry.

PFGHL will also work hard to build the whole industry chain that involves mulberry planting, silkworm breeding, silk reeling and weaving, printing, dyeing and processing, and exporting. PFGHL aims to carry forward the Chinese silk culture, and provide consumers with high-quality and environment-friendly garment and textile products.

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