How Specialist Knowledge Unravels the Complexity of Business and Finance Law

The world of business and finance is a powerful one, and arguably props up the global economy; however, with memories of the 2008 financial crisis still fresh in many people’s minds, it underlines how the financial world can also be a fragile one. In view of this, the various aspects of business law and associated other legal areas is complex and for many people, overwhelming – with a terminology and culture that is all its own.

Whether it is support with bankruptcy, setting up and running a business, buying and selling real estate, estate planning and probate law, or elder law, it is essential that the right level of expertise is recruited for any legal support that is required. John P Gouttiere is an experienced attorney at law who runs Gouttiere Law, a law firm that specializes in legal matters relating to many areas of the business and financial worlds.

As a Lucas County, Ohio bankruptcy attorney, John P Gouttiere brings over 41 years of experience providing support in business law, litigation, commercial and residential real estate, and estate planning. He has also worked as the corporate counsel to firms from across different industries, and has represented banks, creditors and debtors in different types of bankruptcy cases.

Gouttiere Law can help with matters relating to bankruptcy, particularly in ways that can help homeowners who have fallen behind on mortgage payments to catch up. Action can also be taken to address credit card debt, involving the renegotiation of aspects of the debt so the client pays back a lower amount rather than the original sum owed: an attractive solution for creditors, who would otherwise get nothing back if their debtor entered complete bankruptcy.

Planning for the future, including that of loved ones, is vital in ensuring long-standing financial security, but the world of wills, estate planning and the transition of major physical assets such as property can be a complex area. Gouttiere Law can help with matters relating to elder law, which covers all aspects of planning for older people, including making decisions about their estate, ironing out taxation issues, deciding on long-term care provision and handling issues surrounding guardianship and power of attorney. The Gouttiere Law team also offer support with making wills and estate planning, and can advise on the setting up of trusts.

Gouttiere Law also offers expertise in the buying and selling of real estate. Although people buy and sell homes every day, it is still a hugely complex process and involves numerous legal documents, liabilities and binding contracts. For both buyers and sellers, the Gouttiere Law team is experienced in carrying out negotiations to ensure due process is being followed and that the client is suitably protected throughout the transaction. There are numerous checks to be carried out during a house purchase or sale, such as verifying the title deeds and any other associated liabilities, and the all-important sales contract.

Forming, managing, operating or selling a business is at least as complex, and is another area that Gouttiere Law has expertise in. Associated areas of law include taxation, environment law and employment law, and Gouttiere Law can call on a network of experienced associates to provide specialist advice.

About Gouttiere Law

John Gouttiere was admitted to the bar in Ohio in 1974. His law practice Gouttiere Law is based in Maumee, Ohio, and practices in many areas of law including real estate, bankruptcy, elder law and business, also providing support in probate law and estate planning.  

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