How a Comprehensive Approach to Family Law Eases the Pressure of Divorce and Child Custody

In the sensitive area of family law, there are many complex areas to navigate – and expertise in this niche part of legal practice requires specialist knowledge in all of them, especially because of the high level of emotional impact within each one. Family law encompasses divorce, child custody and visitation rights, all of which have deeply personal and financial implications for all involved.

For many people who go through a divorce, there are psychological after-effects that many would not have foreseen. These include depression, which is not surprising when the experience has been described as featuring the usual steps normally associated with losing someone: denial, anger, grief and finally acceptance.

This is inflamed further if children are involved. Given their age, children are understandably more at risk of long-term psychological damage, which can only add to the stress felt by separating parents, who are then subjected to guilt over their child’s wellbeing. Fortunately, an approach has been developed in law that has grown greatly in popularity over the years: the non-confrontational approach of mediation.

Suzanne K. Sabol Law Office is a family law attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and employs mediation throughout its work in family law. It does this because it believes that the way in which the actual divorce and child custody processes are handled can go a long way to minimizing the long-term effects on those involved. Mediation is now widely used across the world in all manner of legal disputes, and in divorce and child custody cases it means all areas of marital dispute can be resolved without attending court – making the process quicker, cheaper and less stressful.

Mediation is about communication with a format that is built around an impartial mediator encouraging positive, constructive dialogue between both parties, in a manner that is amicable and non-confrontational. It replaces the previous emphasis in divorce trials on seizing an advantage over the other side, with tactics such as ‘smearing’ each other and generally swapping unpleasant abuse.

As well as divorce, the Suzanne K. Sabol law office also helps with spousal support, child custody, and child support, third-party custody, parenting plans, visitation rights and post-decree modifications. Spousal support ensures a fair and equitable division of finances, including pre-nuptial agreements, while post-decree modifications can occur if the level of agreed financial support to a former spouse needs to change.

Child custody is a notoriously complicated and emotionally charged aspect of a divorce. There are many facets to it, which the Suzanne K. Sabol law office can assist with, including primary or joint custody arrangements, visitation rights, grandparent visitations, and decisions about religion, education and the general upbringing of a child – plus they can support with matters relating to the enforcement of any orders, or the modification of any orders later on.

About the Suzanne K. Sabol law office

Suzanne Kay Sabol is a family law attorney in Columbus, Ohio, who specializes in many areas of family law such as divorce, child custody and post-decree modification. She is also an experienced mediator and has run her family law practice since 1983. The law office supports clients in such matters across Ohio and their website is at

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