Till we fall – Captivating modern fairy-tale for grown-ups

Till we fall - Captivating modern fairy-tale for grown-ups

“Till we fall” by Tobias Heuer
Tobias Heuer invites the readers of “Till we fall” to take a break from their everyday life and go on a magical, literary journey.

Sophie did not expect that she would end up helping Fall to usher in his season when she went for a normal, everyday walk in Hamburg’s Municipal Park with James, her Labrador Retriever. But that’s exactly what happens when she comes across a young man sitting on a tree stump. He is crying bitterly. Sophie learns that his name is Oliver, and he is the Fall season. He has a serious problem: It is October, and he still hasn’t managed to start any environmental changes that are supposed to happen at the beginning of his season. If the seasons won’t change as usual, all of nature might be destroyed. Sophie decides to help Oliver. While they search for an answer, they fall in love with each other. But will they be able to save the threatened world of plants before it is too late?

The fascinating and romantic fairy tale for adults, “Till we fall”, is the English translation of the German book “Bis wir fallen” by Tobias Heuer. The author’s goal is to enable his readers to take a break from their everyday life when they sit down to enjoy his stories. He is inspired by authors like Erin Morgenstern, Eowyn Ivey, Ali Shaw and Audrey Niffenegger. He manages to pull his readers into a world which holds a whole bunch of magic within it. His fairy tale does not only entertain but is also a great “cheer me up” for the times when we fell less happy and when “Fall” is really knocking on our door. 

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