Ruling chain creates blockchain and advertising combined with ecology, and is sought after by the capital market

With the rise of blockchain technology, the Internet has invisibly added a revolutionary industry. In recent years, blockchain has been applied to various industry sectors, and it has fully demonstrated the importance of blockchain for various industries.

When Bitcoin was first born, there was no concept of blockchain. People used btc to represent bitcoin and Bitcoin to represent its underlying technology, blockchain technology. After the economist released the cover article “Rebuilding the blockchain technology of the world” in 2015, blockchain technology has set off a financial technology frenzy around the world. The world’s major financial institutions and banks are scrambling to study blockchain technology.

In September 2017, the Chinese government website published an article entitled “China’s blockchain industry is expected to be in the forefront of the world” and openly supports the development of blockchain technology. And popularize blockchain technology to 1.3 billion Chinese. The application of blockchain in the real economy such as finance, insurance, retail, and notarization began to accelerate.

Governments are still in the exploration period for the blockchain and its assets. European and American countries are actively supervising. Germany is the first country to identify digital assets such as bitcoin as private assets. The US Commodity Futures Commission has identified bitcoin as a commodity. Japan actively supports the implementation of the Payment Services Act in April 2017, officially recognizing that Bitcoin is a legal payment method. South Korea is actively supervising. In July 2017, the Korean Bitcoin Regulation Act was launched, setting a threshold of 500 million won for investors.

At the same time as the rise of global blockchain technology, Ruling Digital is also innovating in the revolutionary technology field with the cutting edge of the times. Ruling Digital has more than 10 years of Internet experience, and after two years of development, a new blockchain advertising distribution Ecology.

Ruling chain is the world’s first innovative blockchain advertising distribution platform, with advertising distribution and platform action business interactive game carrier, driving the social platform of the port point, and decentralized “blockchain + advertising + traffic”.

Ruling Chain (RL):

An Internet advertising distribution platform based on blockchain ecology; third-party advertising groups and advertisers who link advertisers solve the problem: advertising data is opaque, advertisers are difficult to accurately measure the delivery effect, small and medium-sized traffic providers have weak bargaining power, and long-tail traffic cannot be utilized, waste of resources, more intermediate links, high cost of delivery, long settlement period, and other issues! The emergence of Ruling Chain (RL) has greatly improved the transparency, accuracy and efficiency of the advertising business. Through accurate links and multi-centered delivery, the advertising traffic fraud is reduced, the settlement efficiency is improved, and all traffic can be converted into corresponding values. And income.

Ruling Chain (RL) provides an advertising data recording interface for smart terminals, and each node will intervene to advertise data.

The smart terminal is transmitted to the intelligent terminal, and the intelligent terminal generates a block according to the contribution value of the node.

Ruling Chain (RL) has more than 10 years of Internet experience, and research and development of blockchain advertising distribution ecology is expected to bring new solutions to the Internet advertising industry. The revolutionary innovation of Internet advertising from the underlying relationship level will be greatly Reduce the various costs of all parties involved, protect the interests of all parties, and increase the efficiency of flow conversion into income.

The pain points in the Internet advertising market:

In the global Internet advertising market of billions of dollars, most of the shares are occupied by centralized media such as search engines and social media. Due to the lack of mutual trust among the various stakeholders in the industry chain, the high cost of trust diverts the interests of all parties and brings many drawbacks:

1. The advertising data is opaque, and it is difficult for advertisers to accurately measure the effect of delivery;

2. It is difficult to discriminate cheating;

3. Small and medium-sized traffic providers have weak bargaining power;

4. Long tail flow cannot be utilized, which wastes costs;

5. There are many intermediate links and high cost of delivery;

6. The settlement period is long;

The Ruling digital chain is expected to bring a new solution to the Internet advertising industry. The revolutionary innovation of Internet advertising from the bottom of the relationship will greatly reduce the various costs of each link, protect the interests of all parties, and improve traffic conversion. Efficiency and benefits.

RL solves industry pain points

1, anti-cheating

1. Advertising access data is stored in the block and cannot be tampered with;

2. Help all advertisers generate a separate ad link block to identify the ads brought by the Ruling digit chain;

3. advertisers and traffic providers mutually review the data stored in the blockchain, and adjust the traffic provider Ruling Chain (RL) points to obtain weights according to the evaluation;

4. Monitor traffic provider historical advertising data, and if there is a large change, it will analyze whether there is cheating;

The Ruling Chain (RL) node operation management committee randomly distributes the smart contract advertising requirements to all nodes, and checks the data through the advertisement access check;

2, quantify the effectiveness of advertising, accurate delivery

1. Advertising access data is disclosed to everyone in the blockchain, and the advertising effect is known based on historical data;

2. Through the smart contract, according to the performance of the advertising, accurate delivery;

3, improve efficiency and reduce costs, the settlement method is fair, no billing period

No intermediate links, using smart contracts for advertising transactions, and direct settlement;

4, convenient flow realization

Nodes, common traffic providers, and personal access blockchains can benefit regardless of traffic size;

Ruling chain features

1. Goal

Our goal is to build a transparent Internet advertising ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Link advertisers, third-party advertisers and a large number of traffic providers to improve the transparency of advertising business, reduce advertising traffic fraud and improve settlement efficiency through accurate matching and decentralized delivery, so that all traffic can be converted into corresponding value and revenue.

2. decentralized delivery

Establish a decentralized ad exchange platform, skip the intermediate links, advertisers can directly advertise to traffickers. The advertising data is truly transparent and traceable and can be queried.

3. Smart contract

The promotion task of the advertiser is that a smart contract is settled in real time according to each promotion task, which significantly shortens the upstream and downstream accounts and avoids contract disputes.

4. accurate recommendation and delivery

Through the information islands of upstream and downstream parties, based on the advertising data and delivery effects, the advertisers and traffic providers can be combined to achieve personalized high-quality recommendations, improve promotion efficiency, and ensure the effectiveness of advertising. Let long tail flow be used and every click rate can be increased.

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