Mrs. India 2019-2020 Creates Awareness about Textile Pollution by Introducing Concept of Reduce, ReStyle & ReUse of Fabrics

India – September 27, 2019 – Mrs. India 2019 2020 brings the Change and How? After all, it’s all about breaking the Stereotypes – Deepali Phadnis, Mrs. India Pageants Director.

Mrs. India Pageants is a pioneer of the revolutionary Celebration of Beauty in diversity, irrespective of Age, Weight, Height or Colour, has already broken the stereotypes about beauty that has completely changed the way World looks at Beauty and Fashion today.Mrs. India 2019 2020 Creates Awareness about Textile Pollution by Introducing Concept of Reduce, ReStyle & ReUse of Fabrics

In the Year 2019, Mrs. India has yet again proved that Mrs. India is not just a Model, but she is a Role Model. Breaking the tradition of National / Ethic wear, Mrs. Deepali Phadnis has sounded the bugle for a war on textile pollution. She has called for a paradigm shift in how we buy, use and dispose clothes. “Restyle” is a radical concept of redesigning and reusing existing clothes available with us, so as to reduce the generation of textile pollutants.

Revolving around Mrs. India’s platform for Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture, Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists promoted Local Tourism and brought awareness about Textile Pollution, which many of us are not even aware of as a Tourism Queen.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Walks the Talk, Tells the Stories that thread bound emotions with ambition.

Mrs. India Pageants have decided to be the part of the Solution not part of the Pollution, being the largest platform for married women in India, Mrs. India decided to change the format of the platform itself to be a message that can walk the talk. Restyled by Fashion India® Mrs. India 2019 2020 participants showcased the “restyled” garments at the first round of the grand finale of Mrs. India 2019 2020.

This revolutionary round at Mrs. India promotes us to Reduce the use of Fabrics, encourages to ReStyle Old Clothing to ReUse them, as Textile Industry is the second largest contributor in World Pollution today.

Mrs India 2019 2020 – Every thread that binds our emotions has stories to tell.

Mrs India Pageants Director Deepali Phadnis believes every thread that binds our emotions has a story to tell. Stories that need to be heard; Heritage to be preserved, inspire our coming Generations. Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists walked the National Grand Finals, wearing generation old Clothing, Clothing of Four Generation Old to almost a Century Old.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists showcased pride they carry in their Heritage and the bond that is shared from generation to generation by this revolutionary round. Mrs. India 2019 2020 not only brought attention to the alarming issue of textile pollution, but Celebrated Purity of Traditional Weaves and shared stories behind it binding past, present and future generations together.

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner, Mrs. India Priyanka Abhishek and Classic Mrs. India Nimisha Saxena 

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists’ Clothing expressed the stories, everyone has unique and inspirational stories. Mrs. India 2019 2020 Winner Priyanka Abhishek took it to the next level, being an artist and painter herself, she is naturally Inspired by the Legendry Painter Raja Ravi Verma’s famous Painting of Maharashtrian Woman Carrying Fruits. She recreated her look with Her Great Great Mother-In-law’s Saree, which is 90 Years Old.

Classic Mrs. India 2019 2020 Nimisha Saxena showcased her reused and restyled clothes, right from her Talent Round Itself, her entire talent Property and look by creating reused and environmentally sustainable Fabrics. In Her Theme dress, she dressed like mermaid to bring attention to water Pollution due to the textile industry.

Classic Mrs. India 2019 2020 Nimisha Saxena’s dress was made by her mother’s 30 Years Old Saree. She used Shells in her Crown to represent the beauty of Aquatic life, as almost important as Crown to Queen.

Mrs. India 2019 2020:

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists were trained on many different facets, making sure that they are Ambassador of Today’s Woman who can touch the sky, fly high still stay grounded on Indian Values. Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists were trained by World Champion Aishwarya Manivanan on World’s Oldest Martial Art Silumbum. This not only marks the importance of Woman Empowerment but Celebration of Heritage also that India has to offer to the World.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists were trained in Indian Classical dance that Celebrates Feminism, strength and beauty in every facet of a Woman by Odissi Exponent Guruma Vani Madhav.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists were trained in Personal Hair and Make-up sessions by India’s No.1 Saloon Naturals as in today’s Photo-ready World it is very important to be presentable all the time.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists were trained on Lifestyle etiquettes by Jyoti Rupal, while Ramp Walk and Stage Presence was taught by Pratibha Saunshimath.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists walked for Many Ramp Rounds, jewelled by 150 Years Heritage brand of C. Krishna Chetty Group of Jewellers. Faced Cameras for Ten different themes for Photo shoot and Video shoots.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists arrived just like Angels and walked on Live Saxophone, Garlanded with Traditional Tamil Nadu Rose Garlands just like a Goddess.

During Mrs. India 2019 2020, Finalists took many avatars of Goddesses. Sometimes they dazzled us in their Golden Avatar jewelled by C Krishna Chetty Group of Jewellers. Sometimes they enjoyed splashing of water like a Floating Goddess. 

Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists revealed secrets of their fitness, be it Yoga, Zumba, Walk Gym, Weight Lifts or Skating they just know how to make it work for their holistic life.

Our Skin and Hair Partner Aestiq Skin and Spine Clinic, headed by Dr. Sindhura Mandva performed skin analysis and gave important tips that keep the skin of our Queens shining.

Our Fashion Partner, FIDA took care of Fashion and the event, making sure that Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalist look most Fashionable version of themselves.

Food Connect is an important facet of life that connects us in many ways with each other. Mrs. India 2019 2020’s Food Connect Partner is Nestle where Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists showcased their Culinary Skills and sweet love for Dessert.

In Mrs. India 2019 2020, Maggi Noodles hosted a Live Cooking Competition, which was the most amazing part of the Contest where Contestants were given all ingredients to cook Slurpy Yummy Maggi.

The Cooking Competition Jury was the Guinness Book of World Record holder Celebrity Chef Dr. Vinoth Kumar, Celebrity Chef Deepa Arora and Guru Vani Madhav.

National Grand Finals of Mrs. India 2019 2020 was a fairy tale affair with a Gala Night at Chennai’s best Five Star Hotel Feathers Radha that offers state-of-art facilities and luxury.

Opening Number was the attraction of Mrs. India 2019 2020 that changed the perspective of Fashion Itself; this will promote sustainable fashion over Fast Fashion. Timeless Fabrics told the stories behind it. Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists showcased themed Garments restyled from almost Century old Clothing that connected them to four generations and brought the heritage live on stage.

Reduce, ReUse and Restyle round were followed by the most Glamourous Evening Gown round, which was the most sought-after round. Most of the Contestants of Mrs. India 2019 2020 tried to reuse clothing, even in this round keeping theme of Mrs. India 2019 2020 alive.

Out of Sixty Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists, Twenty Five made it to the Top 25 for Question-Answer Round. Ultimate winners were crowned as winners in three different Age Groups, Mrs. India 2019 Winner – Priyanka Abhishek who is from the up to the Age of 40 Years category, Classic Mrs. India 2019 Nimisha Saxena who is from above 40 Years to 60 Years of Category while in above 60 Years category is Super Classic Mrs. India 2019 Dr. Shobha Devi.

Mrs. India 2019 2020 will represent India in world’s three Premium Beauty Pageants, Mrs. Asia International, Mrs. Planet and Mrs. Tourism Queen International soon, as an Indian Delegate among other World Class Contestants from across the globe.

In Mrs. India 2019 2020 National Grand Finals, we awarded our Former Queen Dr. Shruthi Gowda as Most Achieved Queen of Mrs. India for her successful works on personal and professional fronts as Mrs. India’s Queen, Mrs. India Pageants have Crowned Dr. Shruthi Gowda as Goodwill Ambassador for her commitment to the Society in Dental Health awareness, especially among underprivileged Children.

During their reign in Mrs. India 2019 2020, all Mrs. India Winners, Ambassadors and Zonal Winners will continue to work on Reduce, ReUse and ReStyle of Fabrics and will bring Textile Pollution awareness along with the Social Cause which is close to their heart. Mrs. India Pageant is proud of all our Mrs. India 2019 2020 Finalists, Winners, Ambassadors, and will continue to support our Queens in all possible endeavours.

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