This Etsy shop is selling unique backpacks made from marine grade fabric used for boats, created by single mothers

Being a single mother is not an easy task, considering they have to play two roles of taking care of their children at home and working outside to support them financially. As the women continue to fight for equal rights, this woman decided to do her part by starting a company called JANE & CLAY CO. She is offering unique backpacks that are handmade by single mothers in need. What makes these backpacks even more unique is that they are made from marine grade fabric that is mainly used for boats.

The Etsy shop Jane & Clay features stylish backpacks that are designed and constructed by single mothers. Whether she’s an impoverished mother living alone with her children, or a survivor of domestic abuse, JANE & CLAY CO. wants to empower any single woman struggling to support her family. The company provides women with jobs, food, and money so that they can independently provide for themselves and their children without leaving the house. The Etsy shop is another effort to provide these women with a steady source of income while allowing them to work for home and take care of their children.

The reason why they chose marine grade boat fabric is because of its sturdiness. This leather-like fabric can sit out on the water all day and in the hot sun for years which inspired her to use this for creating super durable bags. It is soft, water-resistant and lasts for years to come. The marine-grade was invented in 1920 in the USA and is the second most manufactured plastic resin in the world. Even though it feels like leather, it is absolutely cruelty-free and comes in super stylish design and colors. Apart from the high-quality product they are offering, what makes them truly special is that it’s made by women, for women.

One of the featured products on the Etsy shop is Diana’s Travel Blue Backpack comes with a fully water-resistant lined interior, gold hardware and small logo on the front. Some of the other backpacks come in Orange, Eggplant, and Red colors. The Jane & Clay backpacks for women are currently priced at $79.99 on

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