Ecodeck & Pond Safety Ltd Creates Sturdy Solution For Keeping Cars in Place During Flooding

Ecodeck & Pond Safety Ltd Creates Sturdy Solution For Keeping Cars in Place During Flooding

Nottinghamshire, UK – In the UK, there has been a steady increase in the number of flash floods per year. This flooding can create a disaster for cars that are parked in loose gravel driveways. Ecodeck & Pond Safety Ltd, however, has created an eco-friendly solution to this problem with their gravel grids.

These plastic grids, at, are a great way to keep cars in place when gravel and dirt around them begins to slide away. Made with recycled plastic, these grids are placed on top of the driveway and interlocked with each other to increase stability.

The gravel is then packed into the grid and can even be added as a top layer to give the driveway the same appeal. For those that want a greener look on their driveway, the cells can also be packed with soil and grass seed, which will then grow to make a grass driveway without the mud when it rains.

This product gives stability on an otherwise unstable form of driveway as well as helps vehicles remain in place ifa flash flood gains momentum on unstable ground. The plastic grid design is easy to install and cut, and sturdy once in place.

Ecodeck & Pond Safety Ltd are known for their outdoor solutions to everyday problems like their designs used to secure shed bases, their event matting, and stable yard grids. All of their plastic products are made from recycled materials. They also have pond products made from these recycled materials, like their pond protection grids, made to keep other animals out of Koi ponds. These gridsare not only eco-friendly, but also keep the pond plants stable.

With a variety of recycled plastic products, this company has enjoyedsuccess since their start in 2006. With a continuous line of environmentally conscious products, they will likely only broaden their reach throughout the UK. Overall, the addition of these gravel grids to their range of gridding solutions will likely save many car owners the damage done to their cars during flooding and the stress that it puts on them after the flooding is over.

The company encourages anyone seeking more information about gravel grids, or any of Ecodeck & Pond Safety Ltd.’s other gridding systems, to contact the companyvia phone, email, or their website.

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