Newly launched revolutionary portable charger on Indiegogo assures 9 days of phone power

AlphaTank is a new advanced super powerful portable charger that boasts 30,000mAh charge capacity and assures hours of charge for multiple tech devices simultaneously.

Good news for those who always struggle to keep their tech devices on a charge while travelling. A Boise-based dynamic tech company, AlphaTank, has recently launched a breakthrough portable charger on Indiegogo that assures 9 days of phone power on-the-go. Titled “AlphaTank,” the state of the art charger carries an industry-leading 30,000mAh charge capacity that can keep all your major tech devices charged even while you are on trip.

The campaign is geared to raise around $15,500 by the end of October 2019.

The first-of-its-kind, AlphaTank stands out among regular portable chargers with its state of the art 8-cell stacked lithium-Ion battery. It’s this uniquely advanced battery that empowers the charger with a magnificent 30,000mAh charge capacity. Interestingly, despite such heavy-weight interior, the charger still manages to come up in a sleek and portable body. 

“We are excited to bring to you our cutting-edge AlphaTank, which is sure to take the world of portable chargers by storm. We know it’s a busy life today and we are always on-the-move. And, when we move, we always carry all our tech essentials with us. Yes, there are plenty of portable chargers around, but they can’t support us with long-lasting charging. Moreover, they can’t charge multiple tech devices together. This is where AlphaTank comes to the rescue”, Scott F., AlphaTank.

Added to its incredibly large charging capacity, AlphaTank features multiple output types (USB-C, USB-A) to power all primary tech essentials simultaneously. From your MacBook to iPhone to DSLR camera, you can charge everything together through AlphaTank and enjoy lasting charge. 

“AlphaTank holds the superpower to keep your iPhone charged for over a week!”

The alpha charger is backed by the latest QC3.0 charging protocol which enables step-less multi-voltage charging for multiple devices. A user can connect up to 3 unique tech devices with it, and the charger’s unique QC3.0 can recognize each of the individual devices immediately. Based on its intelligent device-recognition power, AlphaTank will channel the ideal voltage & current for each device as per the individual device’s specific charging requirements. 

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted the advanced features of AlphaTank:

  • Super-fast charge
  • QC3.0 multi-device safe charging
  • Fireproof abs case
  • Fast recharging with 3 ports
  • Multiple protection safety systems
  • 3 input and 3 output
  • Digital LED display

“AlphaTank is easily compatible with two-way PD fast-charging technology and can charge your smartphone in just an hour. It’s just the thing that you have been waiting for so long. But, such a cutting-edge device demands robust financial support and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring AlphaTank to life and make lives easier for all of us.”

Backers will be rewarded with 40-48% discount on AlphaTank retail prices.

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