ShockWatch Debut Tilt Sensor Technology to Protect Packages from Hidden Damage

ShockWatch Debut Tilt Sensor Technology to Protect Packages from Hidden Damage

Birkbeck Street, London —A long-time quality assurance company, ShockWatch offer businesses solutions to ensure the safe and undamaged delivery of their products. The company are a leading provider of shipment monitors and warranty positions. Over the years, they have helped to effectively sway carriers to take greater care when transporting goods. Now, they have debuted parcel tilt sensors and impact indicator technology to help businesses further protect their goods from sustaining hidden damage during delivery.

ShockWatch provide quality assurance products and services to businesses transporting goods and products. The company has worked with dozens of companies around the world, ensuring the safety of all packages during transport with state-of-the-art sensors.

The new tilt sensor and parcel impact indicators can be affixed directly to products to detect and record impact. This allows recipients to know immediately if there has been mishandling of sensitive, calibrated, or fragile goods during transportation. With tilt sensor technology, clients can monitor and protect against any type of concealed damage. This technology is available on the ShockWatch website at

A major part of the flagship product’s success is the companion tools that are associated with it. They offer a full selection of alert tape, alert stickers, supporting documentation, and posters to use in conjunction with the tilt and impact technology. The combination of the sensors with the ancillary accessories has proven an effective damage reduction and prevention program. These visual indicators serve as a positive reinforcement of good handling practices by material carriers. Potential clients looking to find out more can visit

ShockWatch has noted that no other brand with a tilt or shock sensor is as widely recognised by carriers. The company also has a solid record of proven effectiveness. They attribute this to their attention-grabbing devices and supporting accessories, which serve as a strong visual deterrent to mishandling.

The company also offers extensive detailing on its website of how clients can utilise its technologies to protect their products and packages. A selection guide illustrates the correlation between package weight/shipment size and what colour the ShockWatch sensor will be if or when it sustains damage or is dropped from specific heights.

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are a revolutionary turning point for the shipping industry. Concealed damage in delivering packages is an inherent risk in transporting packages by carrier. With a clear indication of when a package has been compromised, package senders and recipients can rest assured that their products will be handled with care when they choose ShockWatch.

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