PAYDEX will take drastic measures to officially launch PEC Ecology on October 6

It is reported that Paydex payment public chain has attracted the attention of the members of the global community since the opening of the global public survey on September 20. Compared with the existing blockchain payment system, Paydex is exploring the third blockchain payment ecosystem besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, and expanding the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology, to enable ordinary Internet users to feel the value of blockchain technology.

Recently, Paydex payment public chain officially released the latest developments, its first application PEC ecology will be officially launched in the world on October 6. According to the Paydex public survey, PEC eco-start will once again detonate the community.

PEC ecology takes “value-added mining circulation” as a model to realize the re-innovation of business model. That is to say, PEC is the core ecosystem which produces value by mining and circulation. As the medium of circulation promotion, PEC makes the whole ecosystem fall to the ground quickly. The total amount of PEC is limited to 100 billion yuan, 1% of which is issued in stages as seed assets for circulation and never additional issuance. The remaining 99% can only produce PEC through circulation.

PEC steak and mining

In PEC ecology, PEC holders can dig in steak in Paydex Dapp wallets and enjoy value added. PEC is converted into integral at 1:6 steaks. The integral account generally releases PEC at a rate of 2_per day. Users participating in the steak warehouse mining need to activate the Paydex wallet first. Newly registered Paydex users receive more than 100 Paydex to activate the Dapp wallet automatically.


PEC circulation appreciation

Circulation refers to the process of transferring the PEC of account A to account B by means of transfer or sweeping payment. Value-added refers to the process of transferring the PEC of account A to account B by means of circulation, in which the transfer will get 80% of the transfer amount, and the integral will be returned to PEC in a certain proportion. It is reported that 80% of the integral is the value-added part. Therefore, circulation produces value. The faster the circulation speed is, the faster the integral is returned to PEC. The faster the speed of circulation and the higher the market value of circulation, the faster the wealth of participants will be.


As the first complete ecological application of Paydex, PEC will usher in a new round of outbreak under the mature business model innovation and complete incentive system. In the future, relying on the maturity of Paydex’s underlying technology and ecological system, PEC will expand its application space and gather huge community traffic. Ecological application and community traffic will drive PEC to accelerate its circulation. The wide-area application and accelerated circulation of PEC will also promote the rapid maturity and perfection of Paydex’s ecology. In this way, a virtuous interaction cycle between Paydex and PEC will be formed, allowing participants and the whole world to participate. Community members have a more efficient revenue ecosystem.

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