Beijing’s New Mega Airport amazes world with superfast construction speed

The Beijing Daxing International Airport started commercial operation since Sept. 25, marking a giant leap forward for the Chinese capital’s transportation capability.

But it might also impress you with its construction, in terms of both complexity and speed.

According to Li Jianhua from Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG), who is also the vice general director of the airport’s terminal construction office, when the construction of the airport commenced in 2015, it was just a piece of bare land covered by bushes.

However, four years later, the place turned into a modern and giant aviation hub, and all constructors are proud of such achievement, Li said.

Li introduced that they kept 500 machines running for 24 hours at the constructions site each day, knocking over 10,000 piles into the ground in just around half a year, 19 days ahead of schedule, and no safety accident has ever occurred during the entire process. Besides, all indexes of construction quality met standards, Li added.

Li said that the construction of the huge terminals at the airport also presented them with unexpected challenges.

The parking and terminal buildings cover a total area of 180,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 25 standard football pitches. To work at such a giant site, Li said they specifically built two small railways so that they could transport construction materials from the sides to the center of the buildings via a self-developed train.

The photo shows the roof top of a terminal at the Beijing Daxing International Airport, Sept. 25, 2019.

Thanks to the smooth transportation created by the railways, they finished constructing the main body of the terminals in just 10 months, a workload equivalent to finishing 25 18-storey buildings each month, and during the peak of the construction, they could even finish such a monthly workload within a day.

According to Li, the Beijing Daxing International Airport holds over 40 patents, and over 90 percent of the equipment applied in the construction were developed by China.

Upon completion, the Beijing Daxing International Airport will turn Beijing into an aviation hub together with the Beijing Capital International Airport, which used to shoulder most of the air traffic in the Chinese capital.

The photo shows a terminal of the Beijing Daxing International Airpot, Sept. 25, 2019.

So far, 66 airlines have applied to operate at the airport, including major aviation companies such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Beijing Capital Airlines.

China Eastern will transfer 10 percent of its flights serving Beijing Capital International Airport to the new mega aviation hub during the winter and spring, and 80 percent in March the next year.

By then, China Eastern will operate over 334 flights at the Beijing Daxing International Airport on a daily basis, running 150 air routes among 115 domestic and foreign destinations.

The photo shows a birds eye view of the Beijing Daxing International Airpot, Sept. 25, 2019.

China United Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Eastern, is the first aviation company to transfer its operations to the Beijing Daxing International Airport from its current base at Beijing Nanyuan Airport.

The company has moved 60 of its aircraft and also more than 4,000 employees to the new airport.

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