WAKi International Group founder Teo Choo Guan and the “Swedish World Peace Prize” broadcast on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square

Teo Choo Guan, founder and executive chairman of WAKI International Group, and the winner of the Swedish World Peace Prize, appeared on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA, on September 26-27, 2019, and broadcast in three languages: Chinese, English and Malay; witnessing the power of peace at the crossroads of the world.

The “Swedish World Peace Prize” awards ceremony was held on June 30th at Stockholm City Hall in Sweden. The organizers have received applications from 120 countries this year, but only selected 7 winners. They have always advocated the harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups, and the founders of WAKI International Group, which assists various ethnic groups and religious organizations regardless of skin color and belief. Executive Chairman Teo Choo Guan became the first Malaysian winner of the “Swedish World Peace Prize”!

The advertisement on the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square, New York, is looking forward to the core concept of the “Swedish World Peace Prize” at the “crossroads of the world” and invites the world to pay attention to the Swedish World Peace Prize. At the same time, it also shows the strength and industry value of the WAKI brand to the world.

In 1995, Mr. TEO CHOO GUAN founded WAKI International Group. Since its establishment, the company has rapidly established an international business network in Asia-Pacific and European countries. Since 1995, Mr. TEO CHOO GUAN has been the Executive Chairman of the Group. TEO CHOO GUAN , founder and chairman of Huaqi International Group, has worked hard to promote racial and religious harmony and charity activities over the past 20 years. He has donated money to build Buddhist temples, mosques, and Moses in Southeast Asian countries and China to promote racial and religious harmony.

Growing up in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and cultural Malaysia, he has experienced and learned to respect you and my different religions, to integrate into each other’s culture, to accommodate each other. This way, no matter which country he lives in, he insists on respecting each other and integrating into others and inclusive attitudes to live together in harmony. I hope that everyone can move towards world harmony and move towards a better life.

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