Credas Share Their Vision to Transform and Revolutionise the Way Businesses Manage Their Compliance and Due Diligence Processes

Credas Share Their Vision to Transform and Revolutionise the Way Businesses Manage Their Compliance and Due Diligence Processes

Credas understand that businesses across multiple markets and sectors face compliance pressure from regulatory authorities. That is why Credas is offering a real-time ID document scanning and chip reading. This is combined with identity and facial recognition technology, which in turns provides a perfect solution to regulated markets that require an identity verification solution.

A great advantage is that Credas can easily integrate with existing systems, reducing the time and cost associated with complex, manual processes.

There are several features associated with Credas identity verification, such as:

  • The ease of verification
  • User-friendly Credas portal and mobile app
  • Up to 97.7% accuracy with their facial recognition software
  • 100% NFC chip reading.
  • All data stored in the EU under the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Simple integration with your existing CRM and onboarding processes
  • Less staff working hours

If you’re looking for an identity verification solution for yourself or your business you can go online to about us page on their website and scroll down to – Identify with us? All you have to do is click on the statement ‘Let us guide you through’.

Then you will be brought to a page that says get a Credas demo and book a 15-minute demo. You will need to enter some personal information and select from a list what you are interested in for instance ID checks, anti-money laundering, know your customer, modern slavery, right to work, and the right to rent. Once you have selected one of these options, you must submit the form.

Credas offers Anti-money Laundering checks in real-time and can confirm the ID document matches the individual being checked. It uses next-generation facial recognition technology. ensures all businesses that their confidential information is safe and secure

Also, if you are recruiting new candidates to join your business or you are a recruitment agency, Right to Work background checks are necessary each week.

According to the Government legislation, it’s the legal responsibility of an employer or agency, to ensure that all staff show they have proof of Right to Work in the UK, regardless of their nationality.

If the employer or agency does not receive proof from employees or even carried out the Right to a Work background check, they could end up with a civil penalty.

Furthermore, Credas will give your business a clear an audit trail as well as assurance that your strictly confidential information is safe and secure.

Additionally, Credas offers to Know Your Customer (KYC), which involves confirming the identity of your clients, helps to protect your business from fraudulent activity.

Credas state that under the KYC regulations, companies must identify high-risk clients and manage them appropriately.

The ID and identity verification software is the most high-tech and useful software out there for business. The next-generation facial recognition technology built-in allows the company to perform ID checks in real-time and confirm that the ID matches the actual person.

Credas is the perfect identity and ID document verification solution for businesses across the market. Credas is undoubtedly the most significant way to verify the true identity of your customers.

Contact the team at today if you require more information about the real-time ID document scanning and chip reading, or if you have any questions or queries. You can call 02920102555 or you can send an email to [email protected]


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