How to Close $100K Before Building an MVP or Validating a Business Idea?

How to Close $100K Before Building an MVP or Validating a Business Idea?

San Francisco, California – If you are a startup founder eager and anxious to validate your business idea, ClosedWon, an on-demand leads generation and omni-engagement CRM platform has found the answer for you. A tested process that closed over $100K of contracts before ClosedWon successfully built a minimum viable product (MVP).

ClosedWon built a delivery engine that offers on-demand leads, while auto-piloting email, Twitter and Linkedin engagements in under 60 seconds. Zen Lenon, the CEO, and Cofounder has successfully validated her business idea using their assertive framework.

The ClosedWon framework comprises the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up to PandaDoc + create a template with the following sections: overview, proof of concept (POC), timeline, pricing, and signatory
Step 2: Survey 100 potential users
Step 3: Write content for proposal using insights gained from the answers
Step 4: Propose the idea as a proof of concept

ClosedWon leveraged an excel sheet to deliver a proof of concept. Ideas will require prototyping and wireframing tools and ClosedWon recommends using Figma or Canva.

Step 5: Include a timeline to simulate urgency. ClosedWon included an expiration date to augment the feeling of ‘fear of missing out.’

Step 6: Put a price tag on the idea and collect payment. The idea is to test one price assumption at a time.

ClosedWon used the subscription business model in the pricing table of the proposal.

Finally, they integrated the digital document proposal with Stripe to seamlessly collect the fee for an idea. Zen Lenon mentions, “Our assumption in 2018, was that B2B companies would pay $3195/month for 1000 qualified leads delivered over 30 days if leads convert into a qualified sales meeting.” Zen learned the deficiency of an all-in-one sales platform that automatically generates leads and schedules meetings for salespeople.

The ClosedWon team iterated on the framework for over 12 months and generated $100K in revenue with zero funding. Zen adds, “Today we are fortunate to have reinvested 100% of the revenues to productize and launch ClosedWon on Product Hunt. We are deeply grateful to our alpha users who shared invaluable feedback.”

The company has successfully raised $100K from Jason Calacanis, the first investor in Uber and ClosedWon is now valued at $4 million.


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