Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer Advises Parents On The Top 3 Distractions For Teenagers Driving

Fort Wayne Car Accident Lawyer Advises Parents On The Top 3 Distractions For Teenagers Driving

Fort Wayne, Indiana – As a parent, the moment your child passes their driving test can be bittersweet. There is a lot of pride, knowing that your child has taken a huge step towards independence. Unfortunately, there is also a sense of fear at the thought of them being able to drive with all of the inherent dangers that involves. 

The statistics around teenage drivers do not make for comfortable reading either. According to a recently conducted and fully comprehensive study by the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, teen drivers are involved in the highest number of accidents by far of any age demographic. Motor Cycle accident injuries are another category where teenagers are disproportionately represented.  

The study looked at drivers aged between 16 and 19 years of age. Male drivers were involved in 51.3% of all crashes, with passengers being present in one-third of all accidents. Interestingly crashes were more frequent during the week, with 71.5 percent occurring on a weekday. 

Three main distractions were highlighted repeatedly as the cause of most accidents, and parents might be surprised to learn that the cell phone was not the number one distraction.  About 10 percent of crashes were caused by the driver looking for something inside the vehicle. Nearly 12 percent of all teenage accidents were caused by a distraction involving cell phone usage, but the biggest issue, accounting for 14 percent of crashes involved the teenage driver being distracted by a passenger in the vehicle. 

“As a parent of teenage drivers, the best advice we could give anyone is to restrict the number of passengers your son or daughter is allowed to carry,” said Richard Truitt of Truitt Law Offices. “Teenagers love to all jump into the one car, but this is dangerous as the chances of the driver becoming distracted multiply rapidly. Although it sounds simple, limiting the number of passengers your teenager is allowed to carry could be one of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of your child becoming involved in an accident. 

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