Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Updates Its Product Listing with GPT19 and GPT29

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of topnotch supply chain tracker, tracking devices, and IOT devices, is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their product listing. The said product listing offers several recent products like GPT19 3G WCDMA Vehicle GPS Tracker and GPT29 series for products model tacking and monitoring, for container and cargo tracking, and for logging data on location and environmental conditions. The reason behind this update is to help supply chain companies get real-time data for improving operations, resolve logistics issues, and reduce risks.

Founded in July 2004, Eelink Communication Technology has been providing devices that can help the supply chain industry gain visibility when it comes to addressing security, compliance, and quality. Through their products such as supply chain tracker, supply chain IOT devices, and supply chain tracking devices, it becomes possible to shrink any freight spoilage caused by environmental factors during excursions.

“Their products are all that we need to meet the needs of our customers. We find their supply chain trackers and IOT devices extremely useful and achieving total visibility all over the global supply chain became possible. Now, we feel more confident about our shipments since we know the exact location as well as the condition,” says Matthew L., owner of a logistics group.

One of the prominent benefits that supply chain IOT devices and tracker from Eelink Communication Technology is that they help in saving both time and money through proper management and monitoring of mixed-use resources. These resources include hand trucks, ladders, or pallets that are either remote in the field or onsite.

The GPT19 is designed for real-time tracking and can integrate data into an existing tracking workflows. It also features tamper alert, starts emergency mode, GEO-fence alarm, and long standby mode.

As for the GPT29 series, the one for tracking and monitoring products models comes with real-time reports of the location, condition monitoring, activity management, multiple-device compatibility, and end-to-end security. The GPT29 for container and cargo tracking features built-in motion sensor and light sensor, resistant traceable temperature, and resistant traceable humidity. Then, the GPT29 for logging data on location and environmental conditions is known for its data-powered insights, condition monitoring, and shock and vibration monitoring.

“We will not stop delivering products that can improve the performance and operations throughout the supply chain industry. We hope that in every product we present, more businesses improve their efficiency and confidence when it comes to their shipments,“ expresses [Insert Name], Founder of Eelink Communication Technology.

About Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd.:

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a trusted name when it comes to premium-grade supply chain trackers, tracking devices, and IOT devices. These products are known to offer an accurate view of product location, humidity, shock, vibrations, movement, temperature, orientation, and other key information.

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