Revolutionizing The Freelancing Platform on New Terms

With Freelanex the future is NOW!

As the gig economy takes the world by storm, gradually replacing the nine-to-five job, Freelanex, one such amazing platform emerged on the freelancing horizons backed by blockchain technology and powered by latest techniques. This platform efficiently lets clients find professionals through query-response smart contracts. Which nullifies all the inefficiencies experienced in other freelance marketplaces. Thus enabling payments made in timely fashion, ensuring transparency, immutability, security and efficiency.

Freelanex represents a decentralized platform which has been designed on the lines of Blockchain technology in order to target all the maladies affecting the freelance economy. It is here to improve the working environment for freelancers and build an atmosphere in which the chances for fraudulent and immoral practices are ZERO.

Here is how Freelanex is going to be beneficial to the World:

1.    Creating millions of new Job Opportunities for everybody.
2.    Reducing the Risk factors in a freelancer-client relation to almost ZERO so that it’s a win-win situation on both sides.
3.    Creating a Trustworthy and Transparent working environment for freelancers.
4.    Maximizing chances of Earning for the Skilled people who are facing Challenges in the Current setup.
5.    Creating a magnanimous relation in the world of Blockchain technology and the world of freelancing that benefits all.
6.    Making cash flow throughout the community smooth and free of corruption by a Well-Regulated Cryptocurrency.
7.    Launching Immutable Values in the form of Self-Executing Contracts called Smart Contracts programmed by Blockchain technology in freelancing.
8.    Providing payment guarantees to the freelancers by freezing funds of the clients that they are working for.
9.    Separating out and shortlisting those individuals that are fit for their jobs by Whitelisting the Trusted freelancers.
10.    Giving everybody a chance to prove themselves on a platform which is open to all.

In short Freelanex is planned to provide everybody with a highly trustworthy platform, through which freelancers can utilize their skills and their potential in order to work and earn online.

Freelanex IEO on p2pb2b and Shortex

Freelanex has partnered with p2pb2b and Shortex crypto exchange to offer its native, ERC20-compatible FLXC tokens through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Investors can sign up on the exchange and complete KYC and AML checks to begin acquiring the tokens.

During the event, tokens will be made available at the rate of 1 FLXC = 0.004 USD. A minimum of 20 USD must be invested to take part and more than 5000 FLXC contributors will get 25% of bonus FLXC tokens. p2pb2b and Shortex users will not need a separate security check to take part in the IEO.


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