Currency BJS builds an economic platform for digital asset sharing and opens a new era of block chain intelligent trading

According to foreign media reports, BJS, an innovative digital asset sharing application platform, has recently aroused research and discussion in several foreign block chain technology forums. A number of well-known technical experts in the industry have recognized the technology of BJS, and affirmed its professionalism and advanced nature.
Currency BJS is the first diversified application block complete combination, decentralized, collective maintenance, integration and development of the ecosystem, as an innovative digital asset sharing application platform, it has eight independent application plates, for each field of the coin pain point, to provide convenient, fast and accurate trading services for currency people.

As the first landing application and then as the platform token of digital currency exchange, BJS is built as the benchmark of the industry, perfecting the combination of diversified application plates ahead of time, and forming a complete ecological closed loop.
In the future, the currency BJS will anchor the use of the whole ecosystem, and provide more convenient, fast and accurate trading services for the safe, open and stable digital asset sharing economy platform. The currency BJS, making the deal easier!

What is blockchain?

Like much of the technology world, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin still rely on some form of database that are able to track large volumes of transactions and keep them secure. The solution used by many of the world’s largest digital currencies is the blockchain. 

First implemented in 2009, the technology consists of ‘blocks’ that hold batches of timestamped transactions, with each block linked to the previous one through cryptography, thus forming a chain.

As the world becomes ever more smarter and inter-connected, cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly attractive proposition for growing markets that may not have traditional banking infrastructure. Several developing third-world nations have implemented blockchain-based national currencies, and the technology is also used by several major charity projects to help those without bank accounts.

However blockchain also offers the possibility of creating a fraud-proof system for transacting exchanges. This therefore gives it huge potential for use outside of the digital currency sphere, helping attract interest not just among traditional financial institutions, but in areas as diverse as manufacturing, food production and many more.

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