DAO Reshapes Values in Blockchain Resource Integration Announcement of DAO at S BLOCK 2.0 Dubai Summit

The S BLOCK Interstellar Wallet 2.0 Dubai Summit was hosted at the Dubai Festival Arena on 20 September 2019. The event brought together over 30 international experts and leaders from the blockchain industry, dozens of world-renowned media outlets, and leaders from investment institutions. With more than 4000 community members from around the world, they discussed the S BLOCK ecosystem, its Interstellar Wallet, Plan Flash, and future plans for the DAO Super Community. The arena was filled to its capacity with the star-studded guest line-up and massive communities, with the crowd’s enthusiasm shaking the foundations of the building!

S BLOCK International Community Advisor Fabian Hoong shared on the background of DAO, and its future global strategy. Since 2017, blockchain projects and communities around the world have developed rapidly. However, community integration has been lacking, with hurdles in the segmented development of a unified technological ecosystem resulting in bottleneck. Many projects suffer from the need to update continuously, and even face dissolution. A long-term goal for global blockchain communities is hence to achieve mutual benefits through the shared usage of integrated resources.

To develop a sustainable blockchain environment, S BLOCK has proposed DAO. It aims to realise the seamless integration of quality projects, talents and blockchain communities, building a futuristic industry and benefiting members of DAO.

With technology developing at a rapid pace, it is unfortunate that we have yet to realize the full potential of available resources. DAO leverages on the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to establish a new autonomous platform for resource integration. DAO is able to capitalize on features of decentralization to solve problems resulting from a traditional centralized organization, and promote talent globalization, management autonomy, and ecosystem integration. DAO consolidates the strengths of its members through resource integration and cooperation, to build a unicorn in the ecosystem development industry. It welcomes all blockchain communities to come on board, with an initial investment of 50% of their tokens poised to triple in profits.

First Super Node to Join DAO: WBFex Signs Strategic Agreement with S BLOCK

As the fastest growing trading platform worldwide, the WBF Digital Asset Exchange (WBFex) has become the most important strategic partner of S BLOCK. During the summit, WBFex Co-founder Bella Fang explained the strengths of its company as a trading platform and announced its strategic partnership with S BLOCK. She welcomed SBO to come on board the trading platform to build DAO together.

All WBFex projects would be eligible to participate in DAO. There are currently 110 projects listed on WBFex, and is expected to increase to 260 by year-end. With the rapid growth of WBFex, hundreds of projects are expected to participate in DAO.

Ms Fang also announced that SBO will be listed on the WBFex, and would be its “star currency” of 2019. The mega-communities of WBFex and S BLOCK would collaborate together to further value-add to the partnership.

Why do Blockchain communities join DAO?

The benefits of joining DAO are evident.

First and foremost, it facilitates the rapid development of members of DAO. S BLOCK, the world’s top blockchain digital platform, is committed to build a new, closed-loop ecosystem for its members to enhance their development.

Next, the establishment of a vibrant community for members of DAO. As global members gather together, they are able to leverage on each other’s strengths, building the most comprehensive ecosystem in the world.

Also, DAO expands the revenue channels for its members. S BLOCK integrates worldwide resources, extend the coverage for projects under DAO to different countries and regions in the world. This greatly increases profits for members of DAO.

Lastly, DAO promotes the sustainable innovation of its members. The DAO community brings together the best talents in the global industry, uses cutting-edge technology, and partners with internationally-renowned technical teams and R&D labs to be the world’s leader in blockchain in breadth, depth and innovation.

A key point to note is that consensus is the foundation of every community. As a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO operates autonomously without intervention or external control through a set of open and fair rules. It is a revolutionary institutional form that encompasses the highest level of development in the blockchain industry.

Join DAO now!

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