Author’s new book “The Weight of a Moment” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

The Weight of a Moment by Michael Bowe is a compelling story that explores the depth of failure, the pain of tragedy, the beauty of friendship and how it can empower people to retake control of their lives after experiencing hopelessness. The reader is introduced to two characters who are genuinely flawed and deeply human as they struggle to reconcile with their pasts. An award-winning journalist and columnist’s name quickly becomes a valuable brand for The Philadelphia Post and his articles become more trusted than those of any other journalists. But he can’t forgive himself when one of his articles leads to a tragedy. His heart is filled with chagrin. He runs to Pennsylvania, escaping from his past and it is here that he meets Tom Corbett, a successful antiques dealer who has been shamed by an online video that has shattered everything he’s built — business, marriage, and family. These two men are going to experience a friendship that sets them on the path to redemption and to recreating life, not only for themselves but for others.

A beautifully written and inspiring story that is filled with realism and pathos. Told in the first person narrative voice, it captures the viewpoints of the characters with brilliance. There are insightful passages that compel readers to reflect on the human condition and the idea of meaning. The prose is excellent and it is interesting how the author captures the life of the journalist. The themes of pain, the quest for meaning, friendship, and purpose are deftly handled. The reader quickly understands that life is shaped by moments, sometimes very brief, and these moments could be glances, “tearful goodbyes, fortunate turns, unfortunate accidents, promises kept, promises broken, triumphs, failures, and regrets.” The Weight of a Moment is emotionally rich, psychologically exciting, and inspiring. Michael Bowe makes readers care about his characters and feel like a part of their world.”

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