The Karma Honey Project is Saving the Bees in Puerto Rico

The Karma Honey Project is Saving the Bees in Puerto Rico
Bees remain an important feature of our ecosystem. The Karma Honey Project aims to increase colony numbers while empowering local neighborhoods and small businesses.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Oct 1, 2019 – The Karma Honey Project, a foundation dedicated to increasing the honey bee populations in Puerto Rico, is proud to announce that they are currently working on their next project at the historic Cueva Maria de la Cruz in the Loiza Municipality. They are building 50 bee hives along with wildflower pollinator gardens to support the growing bee sanctuary.

On its previous projects, the Karma Honey Project successfully helped local farmers across the island by donating native bees, which are helpful in the pollination of fruits and vegetables. This non-profit foundation continues its goal of reviving the honey bee population, and helping the local agriculture sector to produce more fresh produce.

Recently, the Karma Honey Project announced its ongoing project in Loiza Municipality, focusing on Cueva Maria de la Cruz. The municipality offers a unique ecosystem where a wide variety of flora and fauna can be found, which draws tourists to the area. It’s the perfect place for a bee sanctuary, as many wild bees also live within the cave already.

“Besides checking out the cave and learning its history, community members offer different courses from bomba dance classes to turban course and even a lesson on the importance of bees. They also have a beautiful art gallery, displaying local artists, good food, and park for kids to play and adults to run,” says Melina Aguilar, tourist.

Meanwhile, the latest project of the foundation in Cueva Maria de la Cruz will help by increasing the bee colonies, improving tourism to the area, and empowering the local business industry. They will provide a complete assistance in planting in a pollinator-friendly garden throughout the neighborhood, and provide up to 50 beehives. They will also conduct media campaigns to attract more visitors using social media marketing, and invite local artists to paint murals which will be a sight to see.

To keep the project flowing, partners of the Karma Honey Project can return the 50% of the honey is harvested. The foundation uses the honey for raising money to provide more beehive colonies across the island.

Founder Candice Galek says, “We will never get tired of saving the bees from extermination, or supporting agricultural efforts  in Puerto Rico. We are very excited about the future of Cueva Maria de la Cruz, as it’s the perfect place for tourists to visit on their way from Old San Juan to El Yunque.”

About the Karma Honey Project:

Founded by Candice Galek in 2018, the Karma Honey Project aims to increase the honey bee population in Puerto Rico and spread awareness of a unique bee species. All the proceeds are dedicated to creating new beehives, helping small farmers to pollinate organic crops, and planting pollinator friendly gardens. They also help fund university research that can help in resolving the problems that affect the bee population.

For more information about the project in Loiza, Puerto Rico please call (305) 501-0308 or email at [email protected].

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