The birth of the world’s first contract crypto bank VRB is one step closer to the reality of the block chain

Today, in 2019, when the blockchain reappears in the public eye, it is no longer just a group of rising K-line charts. Fidelity, the world’s largest US asset management company, announced that it officially entered the blockchain operation in May. In mid-June, Facebook’s blockchain project Libra shockingly appeared. At the end of June, the world’s first crypto bank VRB focused on digital asset management and value-added services released a white paper, which was officially launched worldwide.

The intersection of the blockchain and the real world begins with parallelism. Fidelity is responsible for the production of digital assets in the mining sector, which is the lowest level in the layout industry. Facebook chose to pay and settle as an entry point, and Libra took on the mission of digital asset flows. However, VRB crypto asset banks have cleverly chosen digital asset management and value-added services as escorts for crypto digital assets.

Common but not Similar, Five Ecological Layout Plays with Exclusive Banks for Digital Assets

VRB is a brand new species created by a group of technical geeks in the blockchain. After studying the digital asset finance market, the VRB team has customized five business ecosystems, namely digital asset storage, digital asset quantitative trading, digital asset lending, digital asset insurance, and digital asset leverage trading. It provides a full range of services to users of the digital asset world and acts as a digital asset distributor.

Different from traditional banks, VRB relies on the traditional network of chained banks to get rid of the limitations of traditional banks in terms of time and space, and independently completes the configuration and management of digital assets anytime and anywhere. No need to queue, fill out forms, without complex authentication procedures and maximum quota limits, truly realize the vision of a free blockchain.

No digital asset holder can live without VRB among the three core supports.

Supported by big data, big capital and five financial ecosystems, VRB accurately matches digital asset services with different user groups to maximize asset utilization for each digital asset holder’s core needs.

Big data categorizes different users to meet different needs and build a complete data matching chain across the industry. The huge capital supports VRB Digital Asset Bank and becomes the cornerstone of the bank. The financial ecology of the top five users perfectly covers the real needs of current digital asset holders:

1. Storage of digital assets: The deposited digital assets can also generate rich returns.

2. Digital Asset Loan: Precipitated funds are provided to those in need so as to generate greater value in asset circulation.

3. Quantitative transaction of digital assets: assets have another higher form of income.

4. Digital Asset Insurance: Improve the Risk Resistance of Asset Holders.

5. Leveraged trading of digital assets: a paradise for adventurers, offering financial and leveraged services to collect funds.

Just like eating and breathing in the real world, VRB Crypto Asset Bank will become a fundamental element of the digital asset world. As long as it holds digital assets, it cannot be separated.

At present, VRB Crypto Bank has been launched to support the participation of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, Dogecoin, Litecoin, DASH, and Bitcoin Cash. VRB is committed to building the world’s leading contract crypto asset bank and is expected to be a milestone in the implementation of the blockchain.

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