Post-90s girl returned home to create Yrbuy taobao agent brand

Seven years ago, Ms. Li from Chengdu accompanied her husband to the United States for further study. After she went to the United States, she had no job and no friends. She found the taobao agent of “purchasing on behalf of others”, which can make money by shopping.  As purchasing luxury goods on her behalf has become more and more accepted by consumers, she has opened her own online stores on Taobao, Amazon and Yangduan. At the same time, she also runs many WeChat fans from the China taobao.

In 7 years, Ms. Li’s purchasing on her behalf has developed from a single person to a team with purchasing, distribution and logistics teams.

Seven years later, Ms. Li closed taobao store. simple purchasing on her behalf was no longer her goal. she was authorized by the brand to re-enter tmall and set up a shop in her own country, making her busy every day like a spinning top forever with the aim of becoming the cheapest taobao agent.

Ms. Li told reporters that she started purchasing on her behalf purely to keep herself busy, but after a period, she found that the benefits were very considerable and began to focus on this matter.

In 2012, Ms. Li, who has a certain foundation, opened her own online shop on platforms such as Taobao, Amazon and Yangduan. This is also Ms. Li’s first time to participate in double 11.  “In 2012, the average monthly sales volume can be between 300 and 500 orders. The effect of participating in double 11 for the first time is to double the monthly sales volume.”

Ms. Li told reporters that every year in double 11 and Black Friday, she would stock up 3 months in advance and do some discount, cost price or even loss-making sales activities in the store, but the monthly sales volume of the activities was double the average monthly sales volume.  In order to deliver goods to customers in time, she and her team usually must pack all night.

With online shopping becoming more and more popular with consumers, the acceptance of online shopping and purchasing luxury products on behalf of consumers has also increased significantly compared with the past. By 2016, Ms. Li founded Yrbuy Taobao agent brand, when there were 3,000 orders a month.  Ms. Li and her team still run stores in Amazon and Yangpi, but she herself has turned to talking with the brand about agency authorization and preparing to return home to be the best taobao agent.

As Ms. Li said, in fact, consumers are no longer pursuing big brands as before. Style, quality and shopping experience become their motivation to chop hands.  “At present, while looking for the manufacturer, I choose the address of the shop in my home country.”  Ms. Li told reporters that she was very confident about returning to her home country to create her own brand, and the address should be the shopping mall in her hometown. Besides her home in her hometown, Ms. Li is more optimistic about the strong spending power of the provincial capital.

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