Real Estate Developers Greyzdorf Launch A New Site to Offer Build to Rent (BTR) Coins to Mortgage Buyers on Their Private Exchange

Real estate developers Greyzdorf has launched a new website to purchase newly constructed build to rent single-family rental communities from developers and builders. After purchasing, Greyzdorf BTR then sells the mortgage to private investors and mortgage buyers through Greyzdorf’s BTR coin and exchange.

The BTR Coin is created and issued as a collateralized BTR Coin that’s pegged 1:1 to a build to rent single-family rental community maintained in custody off-chain.

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BTR builders and developers interested in exploring this space for the Greyzdorf BTR exchange can head over to the website and view their options in terms of selling their build to rent communities to Greyzdorf BTR LLC. Private mortgage buyers can buy the BTR coin as a private mortgage. The BTR coin pays interest and can be borrowed against or sold for liquidated. The site holds numerous tools and resources for potential investors and build-to-rent developers to learn more about the blockchain technology associated with asset tokenization. The site is created and maintained by Mr. Sujith Somraaj Founder and CEO of Nodeberry and his team of esteemed blockchain experts.

“Greyzdorf BTR is the first of its kind to augment the exchange of newly constructed build to rent single-family rental communities’ byway of their BTR coin. This website is not just to introduce our clients to BTR and its benefits on single-family rental trading; our experts are here to provide personalized, efficient service to interested investors,” said Dr. Kalavant Director of Operations.

The information manuals provided on the website range from an introductory analysis of blockchain to how tokenization has incorporated itself into the real estate sphere to an elaborate breakdown of how Greyzdorf’s mortgage exchange operates. BTR developers will upload their listing on the website before receiving a valuation and price from trusted Greyzdorf experts.

The website offers an exceptional level of information on BTR and how it allows real estate transactions to be safe, secure, and profitable. According to Dr. Kalavant, the exchange of BTR Coins enables private investors to gain what is primarily indirect lenders positions in Greyzdorf BTR rental communities.

Build to Rent builders and developers can submit their properties through the website. The onboarding process of newer BTR single-family rentals will start on October 1, 2019. After the onboarding process, the BTR Coins are sold to private investors and mortgage buyers for 30 days through their Greyz Investor Portal. The mortgage exchange opens on November 01, 2019.

Full details of their services can be found by visiting the URL above.

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