Kats Botanicals, Adds More Options For Alternative Wellness Enthusiasts

Kats Botanicals, Adds More Options For Alternative Wellness Enthusiasts

Oct 2, 2019 – Justin Kats, founder of Kats Botanicals, is always adapting and growing his company based on the needs of his customers. Today, Kats Botanicals announced they will be offering more alternative wellness options for their customers.

Kats Botanicals established their trust in this industry in 2016. Based in Hackensack, New Jersey, Kats Botanicals receives and packages their products in their 6,000 square foot facility, which gives them the ability to process faster shipping times than normal. Kats Botanicals serves over 10,000 customers each month and their customer base continues to grow. One of the reasons of growth is because of their meticulous efforts in offering a pure product which has been lab tested time and time again. Some of the rigorous testing their products undergo are lab tests for salmonella, E. coli, heavy metals, yeast, mold and listeria to name a few. They have established a baseline of trust and understand the pitfalls of the industry and how to avoid them.

Kats Botanicals currently offers botanical hemp-based products such as full spectrum CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD isolate, and CBD salve. The CBD products at Kats Botanicals have been harvested at high altitudes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and contain no other ingredients. Justin Kats is adamant that his entire team understands the whole-plant approach of these botanicals which ensures only the purest ingredients are being used. Their minimalistic approach to the products offered results in a well harvested and naturally potent hemp plant, which leads to overall health and wellness.

Kats Botanicals plays an active role in their customer base by not only offering these lab tested botanicals, but also an educational platform for their community. Justin Kats oversees and reviews the implementation of their “CBD Bible”. The CBD Bible is an all-in-one location where new and experienced community members can consume even more educational resources. This could be about the current botanical they enjoy, or about a new botanical in which they want more information on. The CBD Bible always offers scientific research as a backing for their educational info which keeps their customer base intelligent about their products.

Now, Justin Kats is proud to announce even more options to the Kats Botanicals wellness enthusiast. Starting this week, the team at Kats Botanicals will be offering shilajit, one of nature’s most powerful minerals for the body. As with the other products, shilajit will go through a rigorous process before it is approved for sale in their online store. “Shilajit is one of nature’s most powerful resources, which means we need to be offering it to our customers” Kats explains. Shilajit is known as one of nature’s supreme healing foods, and the richest sources are said to be located in the Altai Mountains. Kats Botanicals shilajit products will originate from the Altai mountains and their shilajit resin will maintain the excellent standards all of their products are founded on.

Justin Kats ideals are always expanding and breaking new limits for his community members. His entrepreneurial strategies come from a “customer-first” state of mind which has been one of the main reasons Kats Botanicals has been so successful in such a short time. Kats Botanicals will also be a GMP approved facility very soon. The Good Manufacturing Practice, started by the American Kratom Association, ensures facilities are offering the purest form of Kratom to their customers. “I want the customer to be happy. I will never offer a less than perfect product to our customers, even if it means we have to start over,” says Kats. Ideas like these are what sets great companies apart from the rest, and Kats Botanicals continues to strive for greatness in every aspect of their business.

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