Provides Environment-Friendly Hosting Services is one of the high rising stars in the hosting industry today. To reduce the carbon footprint of the company, has been involved in donating to organizations that support energy production from renewable sources.

You can now find everything on the internet. You name it, the internet has it. There are countless websites and applications, and they all seem to fit in the palm of your hand or lap. So where do all these websites and information go?

For a lay person, he or she might just say that the internet is just floating on a cloud. But the truth is, all these data have to be stored somewhere. Every website on the internet is hosted on servers. These servers are usually housed in data centers, which are huge facilities that need a lot of energy to operate. Sadly, these centers also emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Because of this, has decided to step up and take a step towards environmental responsibility. is one of the leading companies that provide packages that include hosting services, cloud hosting services, colocation hosting services, website building, and social media management. Depending on the package a client gets, the number of inclusions would differ. rose to the top because of its 99.5% recorded uptime, short loading time despite high traffic flow, and very responsive customer support and aid.

Now, you will get another reason to switch to as your hosting company. recognizes that running lots of hosting servers affects the environment negatively. Thus, the company wants to help out as much as it can. donates to organizations that support the production of energy from renewable resources. Renewable resources mean they are abundant in the environment, like water, wind, and sunlight. This way, can replace some of the energy it uses for its operations.

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