Guaranteed Publicity Services Now Offered by Beltway Catalyst

Washington, DC – Oct 3, 2019 – Beltway Catalyst announces their new “Guaranteed Publicity” and “Influencer Outreach” program. While the company’s focus will continue to be assisting industry thought leaders in elevating their level of engagement by advising congressional representatives and federal agency executives, Beltway Catalyst, once again, raises the industry bar by offering 5 to 10 media engagements per month as well as continuous influencer collaborations and alliance building on behalf of their clients.  In addition to monthly advisory meetings with government stakeholders, clients will now receive a number of local and/or national radio and TV interviews, highly publicized podcast and blogs, all in a unified strategy to elevate industry awareness of key issues and heighten the client’s thought leadership expertise within their industry.

Beltway Catalyst’s new video production expansion also makes it possible for clients to record their own industry news show in premium quality HD as well as contribute to one of the many documentary films slated to be directed and produced by the company. Clients will also have access to monthly forums at the National Press Club and other Washington, DC and New York City locations to participate in expert panels, solo presentations and more.

No other organization offers such powerful, profound and unique outlets for thought leader engagement and network expansion. Beltway Catalyst connects it’s experts to the congressional offices and federal agency executives that need their industry expertise for advisory and now offers guaranteed publicity and social media influencer introductions and collaboration facilitation. Find out how your organization can participate in one of the most powerful thought leadership programs available. Contact Beltway Catalyst today!

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About Beltway Catalyst:

Beltway Catalyst is a Washington DC based firm that offers exclusive and unique thought leadership solutions such as: Congressional and Federal Agency advisory, guaranteed publicity, monthly National Press Club events, industry niche TV show production as well as executive and corporate documentary films distributed via submission to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more.

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