Business Texting Service Becomes Number One Marketing Tool for Success

Business Texting Service Becomes Number One Marketing Tool for Success
Among the various marketing options available to business owners, landline texting increasing revenue has become the number one tool for success in 2019.

New York – Oct 3, 2019 – It was recently announced by renowned landline texting service provider, Text My Main Number that landline texting for business is on the rise all over the world. The popularity of this service among business owners has made it soar to the list of top marketing tools to be used in 2019. In addition to social media particularly Instagram, the next in line is landline texting that has made it possible for start-ups as well as large enterprises to reach out to more potential customers and increase their revenue without having to spend a fortune on marketing efforts. This statement was made public recently by a spokesperson from Text My Main Number.

SMS marketing campaigns are on the rise all around the globe. Businesses use this marketing tool effectively to increase revenue and to get in touch with their customers on a regular basis. They can use their landline, VoIP or toll-free number to start sending texts to their customers. If a business chooses this service, within hours, their landline, VoIP or toll free number is enabled to send and receive text messages. Text My Main Number is a well-known service provider in New York with a large client base mostly consisting of non-profit organizations, corporations, large enterprises and small businesses. Since the service they provide is very easy to use and offers great returns at a reasonable cost, it is preferred by a wide range of customers in the USA.

It was recently made public by Text My Main Number that the service is gaining a lot of attention by business owners including start-ups as well as large enterprises. It has been predicted that the service is to become the number one marketing tool in the year 2019 as it has left all other methods behind in terms of increased sales and revenues. Digital marketing is very effective for the growth of a business but it requires much hard work and investment to get the desired results. SMS marketing, on the other hand, is an inexpensive yet highly powerful tool that any type of business can use to increase their sales and get more customers from around the globe.

A spokesperson from the company made this announcement at a private gathering here in New York. The news spread like wildfire among marketers and business owners particularly start-ups and medium-sized enterprises. These companies are always on the lookout for superior and improved methods for growing their business and taking their marketing efforts to the next level. The best thing about SMS marketing is that it does not require any tedious marketing efforts since composing a text message is not a difficult task. It is also possible to seamlessly insert a URL into the message so that the readers could follow the link and become a marketing qualified lead. All these results can be achieved without spending a lot of money.

Landline message is not new but the trend is now gaining much more popularity with the rise of smartphones and the ability to send and receive messages at a nominal cost. It is an established fact that it is one of the fastest ways of communication as it takes only 60 to 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text message. In today’s busy world, many people prefer to communicate through text messages rather than phone calls or emails. It is also a known fact that about 95% of text messages are read by recipients within 3 minutes. With a minimal monthly fee, businesses can grow to new heights within a very short span of time. It is, therefore, a very promising avenue that all types of businesses can explore and get involved in right away.

Business texting is now considered one of the leading ways to increase customer satisfaction through highly personalized messages. It also makes it possible to measure success by using analytics better than any other marketing tool. Employees can use a single point of contact to reach out to customers so there is no need to keep separate numbers to communicate with customers. Morevoer, it is considered one of the best methods to beat competitors since it gives a chance of offering great customer service through customized messages. Efficient customer service is a must-have in today’s competitive world as consumers want to get their issues resolved in a short time rather than waiting for days for their complaints to be answered. Numerous companies are already providing excellent and top-notch customer service, via text messaging, to grow their profits and retain their customers.

Since people all over the world prefer to receive order confirmations and alerts as a text message rather than as an email or a phone call, landline texting is growing in popularity. Once the business has the customer’s phone number and approval, they can send all types of messages to their cell phone to gain their attention. It is also possible to include the companies websites URL, which can be clicked on when the message is received on a smartphone. The service also makes it possible for business owners to differentiate between personal and business messages using the same number.

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Text My Main Number is a company based in New York offering streamlined services to their customers in the context of business texting to all size business throughout the US. They provide attractive landline texting features at a great price, which makes them one of the leading service providers in town. Their advanced business texting services allows users to access the functions through a web-based user panel, mobile app, email, and even native SMS apps. The same platform can also be used to chat with leads in real-time and respond to messages in a personalized way. The company also offers group messaging service as well as other value-added features like contact management and MMS. The users also have the ability to try out the service first without any obligation.

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