Ecofreaks, the new shoes made of hemp are completely biodegradable

Shoe manufacturing is one of the major pollution-causing industries. Apart from the pollution caused by the production process, the landfills are dumped with billions of shoes every year that take hundreds of years to fully decompose. This affects wildlife and ecosystems to a great extent which is why these newly launched ecofreaks sneakers might be an effective solution to this problem. ecofreaks are the new sneakers that are made of natural materials such as hemp, and will fully biodegrade within 5-7 years. These made in Europe shoes are 100% vegan, with no harmful chemicals and come in eco-friendly packaging.

It takes about 10 to 12 days and 50 artisan steps of exceptional craftsmanship to create the soles of ecofreaks that has the most comfortable shock-absorbing cushions. In fact, it’s sole is so unique that it has been listed on the UNESCO inventory of rare crafts. The insole is made of entirely biodegradable foams and fiber, that are comfortable, breathable and moisture absorbing. The upper body of the shoe is made of breathable canvas, woven from hemp grown in Germany and colored with natural dyes.

Even in the production process, they use eco-friendly alternatives, for example, the stitching used is non-nylon and derived from renewable biomass, without compromising on its resilience and strength. The reason why ecofreaks is using hemp as a major raw material is because of its amazing benefits such as Hemp breathes in far more Co2 than trees, needs very less water for irrigation, regenerates the soil, absorbs toxic metals and radiation, helps against pesticides. It’s astonishing to know that all parts of hemp are useful and can be used to produce over 25,000 kinds of products.

Ecofreaks was created as a solution to a better future. The company’s mission is to bring a positive lifestyle change and make a difference in the world by reinvesting all of its profits into creative solutions for a better world. Ecofreaks shoes are currently available in 3 colors. They can be pre-ordered via Kickstarter at upto 20% off the retail price.

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