QT Technologies Corp shows promising first month in Asia-Pacific with Further Expansion into Japan & China

According to data released by QT Technologies Corp, a leading global fintech company that is focused on the development and integration of new disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and trading algorithms, indicates a very convincing start to its first month in the Asia-Pacific region with further market expansion into Japan and China set to take place later this year.

QT Technologies Corp is expected to achieve organic growth of approximately 15% month on month within the Asia-Pacific region.

According to market analysts, the company’s operating business show fundamental strength at all levels. In addition to its current existing business, QT Technologies Corp is currently preparing a number of new product placements on international markets which industry insiders believe would include several products for forex trading, the expansion of their cryptocurrency trading product offerings and products customized to suit specific customer’s trading requirements.

The company’s first month in the Asia-Pacific region was one of the company’s most successful in a new market since the company was founded and far exceeded market expectations. Industry figures believe that the Asia-Pacific market will become a substantial contributor to the company’s sales within the next 3 years. With its strong focus on cryptocurrencies, the company is ideally positioned to benefit from the sustained market demand for cryptocurrency related investments in the growing Asia-Pacific market thereby achieving sustained growth with stable margins.

Customers in the Asia-Pacific region place a particular emphasis on stability and sustainability, areas which the company possess a clear competitive advantage due to its size and institutionalized processes, which the company will effectively capitalize on in the coming years.

A statement released by QT Technologies Corp stated, “Thanks to our encouraging results, we were able to invest additional capital efficiently for the benefit of our stakeholders. Our capital strength allows us to make capitalize on market opportunities effectively. In addition, our sterling performance ensures that we have sufficient customer base as well as financial scope for further external growth with which we can develop new customers, products and markets, especially within the Asia-Pacific region.”

In view of this solid development, the company is confirming its expansion into other markets within the Asia-Pacific region, namely Japan and China in the last quarter of 2019.

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