NEWLIFE.AI – the social media taking the fashion and art industries by storm

The new social collaboration platform NEWLIFE.AI, has established a network of trendsetters from more than 80 countries, working on the next art, design and fashion trends and getting rewarded for their data inputs and giving back the means of promotion and distribution to the people.

NEWLIFE.AI has become increasingly popular in a relatively short while, drawing the attention of specialized press with features on major platforms such as Coeval, DAZED, PAPER mag, HungerTV, and Campaign. The “new aesthetics economy,” will ultimately enable creators to get paid for their data. The innovation is ultimately disrupting the multi-trillion creative industry by allowing more people to benefit from their works, regardless of their location across the globe.

The creative industry is a growing part of the economy. Unfortunately, creators and other such stakeholders in the industry have not been adequately rewarded for their contributions. Corporations have formed an economic bottleneck, restricting the income of the connected edges because the current infrastructures are designed for centralized channels of mainstream distribution, where a few brands and celebrities capture all the value. However, NEWLIFE.AI is ushering in a new era in the industry by leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technologies.

The fashion industry for instance is a 2 trillion dollar market and can benefit significantly from artificial intelligence, with the technology solving the problem of overproduction while also creating a more fair redistribution of wealth to trend creators and digital curators. 

NEWLIFE.AI can also be of help to millenials and their inheritance of trillions from the boomers, presenting an amazing opportunity to transfer wealth to creative people and reorient humans from repetitive to creative occupations due to the rise of AI and automation.

The NEWLIFE.AI model is similar to the popular Bitcoin, while also integrating social media features to provide a tokenized ecosystem that is beneficial to every member of the community. The innovation will not only shake the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, by disrupting social media but also offers a unique opportunity for the creative and cultural industries to enter the Internet of Value.

The key features of the mobile app:

  • Users can curate visuals shared by the community by pressing their screen based on how much they like it. This allows them to synchronize and form new trends collectively.

  • Users can connect locally and produce content together.

  • Enterprises can learn from the curation inputs leveraging advanced features of the neural network, while the platform remains without ads and keeps personal data private.

  • All the users are rewarded for their valuable inputs on design presented to them, forming a giant market research and inspirational experience where brands and creatives benefit. 

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