ETH Zurich Strengthens Blockchain Knowledge, Benefits Global Investors

ETH Zurich has brought two information technology (IT) specialists into its ranks as professors: Dennis Hofheinz, whose research seeks to strengthen the university’s cybersecurity department, and Giacomo Indiveri, whose research involves digital reproduction of brains. These additions follow a series of personnel changes as ETH Zurich completes the appointment of nine female and six male professors. On Hofheinz and Indiveri, ETH Zurich announces, 

“Dennis Hofheinz, currently a professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, will become a full professor of computer science. According to ETH Zurich, Hofheinz is a cryptography specialist with a broad base in the international research community. His research focuses on mathematical security definitions for different types of cryptographic processes and the development of new methods for security proofs. With his results, he makes significant contributions to topics such as e-voting, blockchain systems, and digital money. With the appointment of Dennis Hofheinz, ETH Zurich is strengthening the increasingly important area of cybersecurity.

Giacomo Indiveri, currently a Professor at the University of Zurich, appoints ETH as Associate Professor for Neuromorphic Cognitive Systems. Indiveri investigates the natural neuronal structures and processes in the brain to artificially reproduce them and apply them in computer science. His goal is to build so-called autonomous cognitive systems based on neuromorphic principles. Giacomo Indiveri’s contributions have already received two ERC Grants. With his appointment as a double professor, ETH Zurich is strengthening its competencies in the field of neuromorphic engineering and deepening its cooperation with the University of Zurich.”

ETH Zurich, a leading research entity and developer of Blockchain-based applications, supports its students in founding startups and investment ventures.  This knowledge becomes usable for investors like Blokkx Ltd., whose offices in Malta, England, and Austria support cryptocurrency investing. An investment company, Blokkx Ltd. manages cryptocurrency portfolios and blockchain-based projects, the latest of which includes a payment token called “Spreatx Coin.” 

Blokkx Ltd. uses technology developed by former ETH Zurich alumni and Technical Faculty at Cornell University. The open-source protocol protects against the frontrunning of competitors and offers protection against spying on transactions. Blokkx Ltd. also plans to start the recently published collaboration with Chainsecurity, a spin-off of the ICE Centre of ETH Zurich. According to Blokkx Ltd, the “Spreatx Coin” will set new standards in the communication of arbitrage systems based on “Bluechip Crypto Baskets” and transactions. 

The importance of Zurich for the growing industry could increase in the future. Today, many Zug cryptocurrency companies maintain a second office in Zurich for research and development. The proximity to universities with diverse talent pools is crucial, as contacts in the financial centre and to large tech companies such as Google are ample.

The emerging ecosystem favours the establishment of startups, so-called hubs such as “Chainwork,” which focus on blockchain technology and are essential pieces of the puzzle. 

The largest blockchain hub in Zurich, “Trust Square,” is located directly opposite the National Bank. More than forty young companies work there under one roof, spread over different floors, and employ around 250 people collectively in this industry. 

According to a study by Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC), the 50 largest blockchain companies in Switzerland doubled their value in the first half of 2019 to 40 billion dollars. More than 800 companies employ around 4,000 people, so the opportunity for research, development, and growth is profound. 

In addition to the so-called Crypto Valley, where half of the companies are domiciled, Zurich has established itself as a location pristine for corporate relocation. It is obvious that Switzerland wants to establish its position as the world’s leading financial centre.

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